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With Zopim Integration You Can Capture Leads Who Chat with You on Your Website

Capture leads with Zopim chat integration

A Zopim integration means that you never lose a chat lead

Capture 100% of your chat leads

Automatically capture leads who chat on Zopim. With no manual requirements, no leads will fall through the cracks.

Follow-up faster than anyone else

Follow up with leads immediately through email or chat. Stay top-of-mind with relevant, timely communications.

Prioritise leads, effortlessly

Assign lead scores based on your preferences and deliver new leads to your sales team in order of priority.

Track your leads

Esure your leads are being nurtured by your team. All inbound and outbound emails ands calls are automatically captured and recorded.

Leave no lead behind

Capture every lead who chats to you on your website, whether you are online or not.

Easy and effective lead tracking

Know exactly how leads are being followed up with. Get insights into the mails they get and which webpages they visit.

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