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Sell More Thanks To Shopify Integration

Integrate through Zapier

Manage, track and nurture all your store visitors through LeadSquared

Manage those who buy from you

With Shopify integration you can capture all your subscribers in LeadSquared and automatically get intelligent insight between your store and CRM.

Track your orders

Get insights into how well your store is converting visitors into customers by analysing the time it takes to make a buying decision, which pages enjoy the most visits and whether or not you are getting new or repeat customers.

Know how your customers behave

What does each user do in your store? Which products and categories interest them most and which product descriptions convert best? Use this information to target them better.

Segment leads to sell more

You can’t sell the same product to a 20-year-old and 50-year-old. You also can’t sell beachwear to a Joburg resident in the middle of winter. Segment your leads into lists based on their age, preferences, geography and more. This is easy in LeadSquared.

Nurture your leads to sell more

Use LeadSquared to send promotional emails based on buying patterns, discount offers to abandoned cart users and cross-sell related products.

Know your customers

The better you know the buying behaviour and preferences of your customers, the better you will be able to predict their next buying decisions. Get data on the lifecycle of a customer, the best selling products, or total products purchased.

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