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Achieve More With Salesforce and LeadSquared Integration

Give your sales team the insights they need to sell more

Give your marketing campaigns a powerful edge with Salesforce integration

What you get with our Salesforce integration

Total 2-Way Integration

Integrate both systems without any headaches. Sync all leads, activities and events.

Enjoy Transparency

View all sales and marketing activities to give your whole team quick insights into how their roles and responsibilities are affecting business.

Create Engagement

Relevant marketing emails create more engagement and trust, and help with making better sales calls. 

How it works

Sync without the tech

Set up 2-way data sync between LeadSquared and Salesforce. No IT or technical knowledge required.

Automate custom activities and sharing

Track custom objects, like “webinar attended” or presentation sent” as activities, and add as an activity in LeadSquared.

Run relevant marketing campaigns

Your marketing team can use data from Salesforce to run highly relevant campaigns. Automate certain marketing tasks with LeadSquared.

Give your sales team better insights

Give your salepeople an edge by providing them with intelligent insights like the pages they viewed, how engaged they are and how hot they are as leads.

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