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Track all sales metrics and activities in real time to ensure you never miss another opportunity again.

Sales tracking
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Why tracking sales is important for your business?

Digital Media has given all companies the opportunity to increase the number of entry points that consumers can use to enter your Sales Funnel. Consumers now have the choice to enter your sales funnel at any stage and this means they are in control of their buyers’ journey. Buyers are more informed than ever before, and they engage with content to do their own homework before they reach out to companies directly. 

It is no secret that email is still the single most effective marketing tool in your arsenal. Email can help you move your prospects through every stage of the buyer’s journey. The goals are simple; encourage them to engage with your emails, make a purchase, and build your brand.

Why tracking sales is important for your business?

Measuring data like lead generation, quarterly revenue, and sign-ups at the end of a sales cycle is a regular practice for business owners. That being said, many business owners do not have the ability to track and analyse data in real-time which means you are never armed with the information you need to forecast cashflow, remove bottlenecks and increase sales productivity.

importance of sales tracking
sales tracking dashboard

Real-time Sales Dashboard

  • Email Metrics

Keep track of emails sent by you as well as open rates and click rates.

  • Pipeline Reports

Track the number of leads in each stage of the pipeline for your team and every individual salesperson.

  • Sales Closure Reports

Keep an eye on all the deals you are closing or committing to the pipeline.

  • Calling Reports

Keep an eye on the call volume, connect rate, and successful conversation statistics.

  • Activities vs. Revenue

Track the revenue contributed by each individual and your team’s activities.

Visualize your Sales Funnel

Define stages in your sales funnel on LeadSquared and visualize how many leads are at each stage in your Sales funnel and for how long. Check the sales closed, pipelines forecasted, and revenue committed for any given time period, all in a few clicks.

tracking sales funnel

Conversation timeline

Make sure that all conversations, one-on-one, bulk, email or telephonic, match your quality standards, because LeadSquared tracks everything and enables managers to review at any point in time.

tracking sales conversations
tracking sales followup

Conversation timeline
Get notified when a follow-up is missed

You will never cut corners again. Say goodbye to missed opportunities because LeadSquared notifies you when a follow-up is missed or if a lead has been untouched.



LeadSquared is the best tool for tracking and monitoring our Sales
"We have been using LeadSquared for over a year now, and it is the best tool for monitoring sales, sending targeted campaigns, prospect tracking and managing pre-sales. With the advanced filters available, I can segment my leads based on their interests and engagements. I can then prioritize these leads and ask my sales team to only contact these leads. We have been able to improve our closure rates. "
Javadd Khan Rohan Builders
Javadd Khan
Marketing Manager, Rohan Builders


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