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Landing Pages are the best way to move your business online and grow your business.

LeadSquared empowers you to you create landing pages without using any code.

Landing Pages help businesses connect with an audience, give prospects an exciting experience, generate leads, move leads down the sales funnel and increase sales closures.


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Create Responsive Landing Pages in Minutes

Using LeadSquared you can create beautiful responsive landing pages in minutes using our visual builder and tons of ready to use templates. As you know by now, Content is King and using LeadSquared will enable you to ensure you make every piece of content generate results.

High converting landing pages

Build beautiful Landing Pages that look as good as they convert

Select one of our already made templates, modify a template that suits your industry and requirements, or build a landing page from scratch using drag and drop editor. If you want something special created, our team will help you make your vision a reality.  You can easily publish your first landing page in minutes.
landing page domain

Publish your Landing Pages on your website domain

Using LeadSquared, you can host your landing pages on your own website domain, and your visitors would never know that – your website domain is a part of the URL. Example:

Landing page multi lingual form

Build multilingual pages and forms

The flexibility in LeadSquareds Landing Page customization extends to the language you use on the page. Create compelling landing pages and forms in any language.

Landing page import your html

Import your landing page HTML

If you have an old landing page that converts well, you do not have to leave it behind. Import the HTML into LeadSquared in just a matter of seconds.

Landing page multiple domains

Publish your Landing Pages on multiple domains

Publish landing pages on multiple domains. This is extremely helpful for agencies and businesses with multiple websites. Example:, …
Landing page autoresponder

Send relevant and personalised autoresponders

Replace a generic “we will contact you soon” with a message that’s relevant and personalised, to the sign-up offer on your landing page. This keeps your prospects engaged till your sales team reaches out to them. LeadSquared enables you to send an auto response that is relevant to the landing page message as soon as the lead fills the form. Add lead capture notifications to salespeople so that they can follow-up on new leads instantly.
Landing page embedd form

Embed forms on your website

Create great-looking, responsive forms on LeadSquared, and embed them on your website. This removes the problem of manually importing every website query. (Seamless WordPress integration). This is a massive time saver.
landing page tag

Tag landing pages and leads

Tag your landing pages to search them quickly and conveniently. Tag all the leads coming from a landing page to build a lead persona and help your sales team. This also helps your marketing team build and design custom persona journeys.
Landing page customize css

Customize your CSS (if you want)

You do not have to feel limited by the templates and drag-and-drop builder. You can modify the CSS of the landing page to make it look just the way you want.
Landing page conversion analytics

Get detailed conversion analytics

Get to know the keywords, lead sources, traffic sources and locations getting the best conversions. Identify which marketing campaigns are performing well and in real-time, and which ones are not. Make data-driven marketing decisions and get return on your marketing efforts.

Pick the template you like

Edit it and publish your page in minutes

Get rid of Junk Leads

It is a big time waster to have your sales people, following up on junk leads. Use LeadSquared landing pages to filter out the junk leads during lead capture using mobile verification and then watch your sales team increase their sales productive time, follow up on valid leads and close more sales.

responsive landing pages verify mobile numbers
landing page daily lead addition

View conversion analytics

Get detailed real-time conversion analytics for your landing pages. Compare different pages to analyse which landing pages are converting better. View reports for the same page during different time periods to identify a drop or spike in conversion rates.

Get real time landing page reports

See which source or offer is getting you best conversion rates. Get the insights you need to grow more.

responsive landing page builder landing page

Landing page design

responsive landing page builder landing page report

landing page report

AdWords conversions increased by 50%

“Just one small change bumped up our AdWords conversions by 50% – relevant landing pages. We have created over 30 landing pages for our different ad campaigns to achieve this. It has also helped in effective budget reallocation because we can easily identify the best campaigns.”

Ankush Bhandari
Head (India) – CPS, IMS ProSchool

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