The Information Regulator is pushing to have POPI in place by April 2020

The curtain is now coming down.

POPI  is going to have far reaching impacts on every business.

In short, businesses will no longer be able to use direct marketing to solicit business from consumers without having their prior consent.

All businesses should be ensuring that they can import their databases of past customers, current customers or prospects into a Software Platform that will enable them to control all communication and activity with them.

All your data will be exported from MYCE and put into your LeadSquared profile where your team can actually use it

Many of our MYCE Subscribers have built up large databases of current homeowners, past clients and current prospects that they use to generate leads.

If you have a database of 10 000 contacts in your MYCE profile today, contacting every one to ask for consent before the end of the POPIA grace period is simply impossible.


 Simply because even if you were to make 10 calls a day for every working day in the month, it would take you 50 months to contact every contact in your data base so you could ask for consent.

The best way to tackle this is problem is to use LeadSquared.

With LeadSquared you can import all your own databases, as well as your MYCE database, into your a brand new CRM.

You can then create incredibly powerful targeted marketing campaigns to convert your database to opted in subscribers that you can keep talking to after POPI is in full effect. 

LeadSquared is the best way to:

  • Comply with the POPI Act
  • Turn your database into qualified leads
  • Spend your time speaking to more qualified leads
  • Give your customers an exceptional customer experience
  • Stay in touch with your database using Automation