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In this industry we need to stay abreast of what is happening out there when it comes to technology, trends, and anything else that might influence or guide our solutions. We also believe in partnering with our clients to create sustainable solutions, because sustainable solutions mean long lasting relationships. Win-win!

By partnering closely with our clients, we gain deeper understanding into their business which means we can do away with things like long lead times and high costs for business solutions.

Purse strings are getting tighter, let us face it, so we make sure that our business solutions are addressed with care and consideration with your clients’ objectives in the bull’s eye of our target.

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The opportunity:

By the time you finish reading this sentence, something in the digital landscape will have changed, been improved upon, or made obsolete. And it is because of this astounding little fact that we believe that a basic website no longer makes the grade in the digital classroom. So, to keep up with the changing times, we tailor make an overall online solution to give your brand the best chance of doing amazing things out there.

Each online execution has its own merit, so we do not believe in the whole “cut and paste” and “one size fits all” approach. Rather, we customize our options and give you tailored solutions that are sure to meet your client’s specific requirements.


Why this business:

LeadSquared is the walk-in salesman of the digital word – minus the squeaky leather shoes, slicked back hair and slightly over-confident handshake. With the ability to be personalised and custom fitted to each of your client’s individual needs this is the option when you are talking personal communication. Here is to forming long lasting relationships, sans the cheesy salesman pitch and matching grin.

  • No start up capital is necessary – just tap into your existing client base
  • Make money from Rand 1
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • Minimal overheads – you do need WI-FI
  • Freedom and independence to make your own working hours
  • Strong training and support
  • International support team
  • Local support team
  • Award winning solution (Top 3 in the world)

Do you fit the profile?

  • Are you a media or marketing agency?
  • Do you love everything digital?
  • Are you running digital campaigns for your clients?
  • Are you in the communications industry?
  • Is increasing sales for your clients important?
  • Has POPI effected how you can communicate with potential new clients?
  • Do you believe the future of business is digital?
  • Do you already have clients who need to increase sales and revenue?

Unlimited Earning potential

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