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LeadSquared’s Mobile Customer Management Application is super simple to use and will boost your sales exponentially because it gives you the ability to, access documents, day planners and customer information and history in real-time.

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Build a highly effective sales system

  • Get Automated Day Plans

LeadSquared plans your day for you. From the number of meetings scheduled, the goals for the day, the best travel routes. Everything is designed for you and done automatically.

  • Get meeting recommendations

Based on your location, the LeadSquared Mobile Application will identify leads nearby and suggest meetings to you.

  • Give Intelligent up/cross sell signals

LeadSquared Mobile Application uses your customer’s activity history to look for possible upsell or cross-sell opportunities and recommend sales actions to you.

Automatically navigate to the next meeting location

After meetings are over, the LeadSquared Mobile Customer application will remind you where your next meeting is and give you the best route to take to reach the location quickly.

next meeting
meeting notes

Remind your team to record meeting notes

After scheduled meetings, send an email to yourself reminding them to record your meeting notes. This helps you get an idea of how the meetings went and help you to make important sales and business decisions.

peed up your document verification process

You may need to collect documents from your customers for verification. You can upload multiple documents at a time for your administrative team to verify and they can be instantly approved. This reduces the waiting time to onboard new customers.

document collection


LeadSquared is the best tool for tracking and monitoring our Sales
"The mobile CRM app is intuitive and has provided continuous value to our field sales team. The team was able to easily adopt and grasp the tool in a few weeks. The app’s functionality allows us to process leads, tasks, and activities, on the go, flawlessly. It also works offline which is very crucial for…"
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Abhinav Gujjar
Co-Founder, Tricog Health
"LeadSquared is used by our retail sales managers and third-party agents who are on the field selling our products. We needed an easy way to create and track leads on-the-go, and various roles/access levels as we work with different third-party agencies, and LeadSquared does that perfectly."
Hena Mehta e1484550000475
Hena Mehta
Product Manager, Ezetap Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd


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