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Marketplace CRM - Onboard More Sellers & Enhance Buyer Experience

Empower your teams to manage end-to-end seller journey + Enhance buyer experience


Merchant lifecycle management customers

Which online marketplaces does LeadSquared help?

If you manage two-way buyer-seller relationships, you are in the right place!

Financial Marketplace CRM

Financial Marketplaces

Onboard more financial partners, manage the complete lifecycle of end-users and enhance their experience.
Cab aggregator CRM

Cab Aggregators

Build a seamless driver onboarding process. Recruit, manage & engage your drivers with one mobile app.
BB marketplace CRM

B2B Marketplaces

Manage end-to-end supply and demand-side operations. Onboard & engage both sellers and buyers in one platform.
restaurant aggregator CRM

Restaurant Aggregators

Onboard restaurant partners + delivery executives, with one mobile app. Easy to adopt at scale.
FnB Distribution CRM

Food and Beverage Distributors

Onboard more partners on both the demand and supply sides, and manage their complete lifecycle.
Travel aggregator CRM

Travel/Hotel Aggregators

Onboard hotels, travel agents, or other hospitality vendors easily. Run end-to-end operations smoothly.
Financial Marketplace CRM

Auto Sales Marketplaces

Manage, onboard and delight automotive buyers & sellers (both dealerships and individuals) in one platform.
Healthcare marketplace CRM

Healthcare Aggregators

Onboard, engage and manage your healthcare partners (doctors, clinics, hospitals) easily.
Ecommerce CRM


Merchant onboarding and lifecycle management solution. Enable your team to onboard vendors quick-and-easy.

Grow your seller operations at scale

Onboard more sellers, keep them engaged and manage their entire lifecycles

PP Sellers

P2P Sellers

Peer-to-peer seller marketplaces (either for renting or selling) have several unique challenges – to not only recruit more individual sellers online but also make the selling process smooth for them, including quality checks, buyer-seller mapping and more. LeadSquared helps you streamline the complete selling operations.
BC Sellers

B2C Sellers

B2C marketplaces generally have large teams onboarding new partners door-to-door, not only on the supply side (merchants/dealerships/vendors) but on the delivery side as well (drivers/delivery partners and more). LeadSquared helps onboard, engage and manage end-to-end merchant and partner relations.
BB Sellers

B2B Sellers

B2B marketplaces bringing together retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other business entities need additional processes in place – for sample + bulk orders, quality checks + feedback & credit buying. LeadSquared streamlines the whole process and connects all the teams.

Ensure all your teams are well-connected for smooth operations

Ensure all your teams


Scout new merchants, visit them door-to-door, upload documents digitally and more.


Ensure paperless & hassle-free verification. Integration with verification systems.

Credit Teams

Payment default alerts & collection planning for credit teams of B2B marketplaces.

Call Center

Intelligent call distribution & quality tracking for efficient call center operations.


Build intelligent workflows for seamless end-to-end marketplace operations.


Customisable mobile feedback forms and day planning for inspection & quality control teams.
Manage staff onboarding at scale

Manage service partner onboarding at scale

Onboard your fleets, drivers, delivery executives (and more) in minutes, not days. Collect documents, verify them and notify them with the joining instructions, all automatically. Get your staff started with their field CRM in minutes. Easy to adopt throughout the hierarchies and skill spectrum.

Engage your buyers and manage buyer relationships

In addition to managing your sellers, you can manage your complete buyer relationships easily with LeadSquared as well. Attract more buyers (whether businesses or consumers) via your online and offline campaigns, capture them all in LeadSquared, keep them engaged and ensure repeat buys with omnichannel upsell/cross-sell campaigns.

Engage your buyers and manage buyer relationships
Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi x

We have reduced document filing time for our merchants by 90%

Where an individual salesperson took around 8-10 mins to fill in the required details of a prospective supplier, with LeadSquared it just takes a minute. The best part – not only are our suppliers engaged, but the onboarding process have become much easier for our team. The productivity is up 70%.

Saurabh Sudhanshu Tripathi
Manager – Inside Sales

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