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Marketing Analytics to Run Data-Driven Campaigns in real-time

Get better at marketing every single day

Drip Analytics

Get performance reports for each step of your drip marketing campaigns


Email Analytics

Analyse and improve each aspect of your email marketing campaigns


Landing Pages

Get conversion analytics for each landing page and web form. Make changes easily


Lead Funnel

Find where the leads are at each step of your marketing funnel


Source Analytics

Find out which traffic channels are getting you the best leads


List Engagement

Find how engaged a list is by looking at its engagement index.

Analyse each aspects of your emails

Measure opens, clicks, subject lines, device open rates and more

Email subject line analysis

Identify the most powerful subject lines in your campaigns and replicate the success.

Marketing Analytics Email subject line analysis

Email send-time analysis

Find the best days and best times that give you the best open rates, clicks and responses.

Marketing Analytics Emails open by day

Device open rate reports

Find the devices your audience uses to read their emails. Optimize your emails accordingly.

Marketing Analytics Email open by device

Analyse and improve your landing page performance

Identify the landing pages with the best and worst conversion rates

Conversion analytics

Get detailed landing page conversion analytics. Identify the best and worst performing pages.

Marketing Analytics Email subject line analysis

Leads by sources

Get clarity on the traffic sources driving most leads and customers for your business.

marketing analytics leads by sources

Conversion by weekday

Find out the landing page visits and conversion trends by the day of the week.

Marketing Analytics Landing page conversion by weekday

Get performance reports for each step of your drip campaigns

Analyse and improve your workflows

Revenue by source

Identify the lead sources that are getting you the highest rates of new and repeat customers and revenue so you can allocate your marketing budgets accordingly.

Lead funnel

Know which lead stages your leads are in, how engaged they are so you can plan your engagement strategies accordingly.

List engagement

See how engaged a list is by looking at its engagement index. Use it to rate your list quality, and your own nurturing efforts. Get insights on where you need to improve.

Better insights into the buying process of the customer

“The combined efficiency of website tracking and email analytics have provided us with much better insights into the buying process of the customer.”

Ashwin Manghat

Marketing Manager, Jamboree

Our Products

Sales Execution CRM

High Velocity Sales

Boost and accelerate your revenue

Field Force Automation

Easy-to-Use Mobile CRM

Eyes on your sales team, even from miles away.

Marketing Automation

End-to-end Marketing Automation Software

Make meaningful prospect conversations a standard across all channels.

Conversion Platform

Lead Conversion Platform

Combines the power of marketing Automation, Sales CRM and Machine Learning

Customer Portal CRM

Customer Portal

Self-serve application and referral portals for your prospects, customers and partners.

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