Lead University

A success story



All is peaceful at Lead University today.

The birds are chirping in the trees…

The students are laughing on their way to class…

When suddenly…

A voice shrills through the peace and tranquillity:


The sky goes dark… The birds scatter… The students duck in alarm…

Chantelle is on the rampage



As head of school the buck stops with her. When finance can’t get students to pay their fees…it’s her fault…

When admin can’t give admissions a complete stack of required documents…it’s her fault…

When her subject heads can’t get their students to attend their webinars…it’s her fault…

Chantelle is at her wits end!

She arrives at the Finance Department.



“Why do have an income gap as big as the Big Hole?”


“It’s your job to keep this place afloat, Anna…how can we do this if you can’t get people to pay their accounts?”


“Why don’t you just automate it? Why aren’t you using LeadSquared?”


“Argh! Look here…”



“Yes, Chantelle?


“I know we do. The students don’t pay on time…they never do!”



“I’ve asked accounts to send emails…”



“I don’t know how…”

Next on Chantelle’s list is Clinton



As head of admissions, it’s his job to ensure only the best students are granted access to study at Lead University. But there are empty lecture halls and a backlog of students who want in


“Clinton…have you seen the crowd of students at our gates? Why have they not been granted admission yet?”




“Why don’t you just automate the application process? Why don’t you get all the documents you need first to help you work faster? Get it sent to the verification team so that all you need to do is approve or disqualify. It will save you so much time.”



Let me teach you something young man…





“I don’t know what you want me to say…I mean, I wish I could work faster but Marissa keeps sending me incomplete applications. No FICA, no matric results…”






“I don’t know…it seems complicated…”