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Make your leads travel faster down the sales funnel using automation.

Lead nurtring across all communication channels

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Reduce response time and enhance your prospects experience

Build and nurture relationships from lead capture until close.

Engage your leads promptly with relevant content

Welcome your leads with automated emails and SMS’s as soon as they enter your sales funnel. Stay ahead of your competition using personalised responses. Know which content your audience enjoy engaging with. This will give you a competitive advantage knowing your customer needs and their interests.

lead nurturing relevant content
Lead nurturing with automation

Automate multi-channel campaigns based on their activities

Design workflows and automate communications across channels and notify sales teams all in one place. If a prospect expresses interest in a particular product, but then drops off, you can bring them back by running campaigns across other relevant channels like email, text, Facebook, Google Remarketing and more.

Easily create responsive emails with pre-built templates

Create emails that look great on all devices. You don’t have to know how to code or design. Just pick a template that suits your industry, and personalise it so you get higher open rates and click throughs.

email templates lead nurturing software
lead management system

Segment your lists with no effort

LeadSquared has a super powerful segmentation feature that will automatically segment your prospects based on various attributes like location, their interests, demographics. This is a powerful tool that enables you to deliver the right message to your prospects at the right time.

Track and score your leads activities

LeadSquared tracks your leads and tracks how they engage with your website and other marketing activities. Imagine being able to track the web pages they visit, the eBooks they download, the emails they open, what they click on and so much more.

Lead nurturing lead scores

Use the Content Library to save time

Create your emails once and save them in your content library to you have all your marketing tools on demand.

Get complete Reports for your nurturing campaigns

lead nurturing content library 1 1

Email Reports

Email reports lead nurturing campaigns

Automation Reports

automation reports lead nurturing campaigns


We have seen a 40% increase in Lead Management
“The auto-responder and email library are working wonders in communicating in real time with our prospects and nurturing them. Our lead engagement stands at 96% right now. Lead response time has significantly been reduced, and the sales team has more time to focus on actual selling, rather than customising emails”
Floyd Tavares
Floyd Tavares
Marketing Manager, Deltin Group


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