Lead Management Software Awards 2020

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What is Leadsquared?

“LeadSquared is a Marketing Automation and Lead Conversion platform.”

Leadsquared scored 90/100 in the Marketing Automation category. This is based on user satisfaction (91/100), press buzz (41/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Leadsquared gathered from around the web.

The Top Lead Management Software products in 2020 as determined by the Crozscore ranking algorithm. Products have been vetted for relevance. All other stats and rankings have been determined algorithmically, following the Crozscore ranking methodology.

This Lead Management Software awards list was published by the software comparison portal Crozdesk.com. It features the best 20 products in 2020 as determined by the unbiased, category-specific Crozscore ranking methodology. This takes into account a product’s relevance to the Lead Management category and can differ from the product’s universal Crozscore. The Crozscore is fixed as of the time of publication, however other scores and data have last been updated on April 24, 2020. It also features breakdowns of the user satisfaction scores of each product, the market presence scores of each vendor and the buzz score. You can find more information and a methodology overview of how these scores are derived on Crozdesk.

Software vendors in the Champions segment offer well-rounded, strong and popular solutions with substantial market share. They are often the ones that other vendors look up to and measure themselves against.

What is the Crozscore?

The Crozscore algorithm is a fully automated predictive scoring algorithm, using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. It analyses large amounts of both quantitative and qualitative data to estimate performance, user satisfaction and maturity of software solutions and compares this to their competitors – all in one simple metric, on a scale of 0-100.

The purpose of the Crozscore is to improve the quality of software rankings, by taking into account the likelihood that a software solution ends up getting picked by new software buyers.

The Crozscore is category-agnostic and is calculated by comparing a product to its closest competitors and target markets. Crozdesk also has a category-specific adaptation, called the “Relevancy-Score”, which drives a product’s ranking in the secondary categories it is listed in. For instance, an accounting solution with great payroll functionality might be a better fit for someone looking for a payroll product than a mediocre payroll software solution.

What is the purpose of the Crozscore?

Ranking software can be incredibly complex. Should the product with the most sophisticated functionality be on top? The product with the happiest customers? Maybe the solution with the largest market share? Should an analyst decide which is best? Should the crowd decide?

Our approach to solving this conundrum has always been to rank products based on their likelihood of being the “best fit” for the software buyers browsing our site. To estimate this “fit”, the Crozscore looks at a wide range of metrics and adapts based on what data is available on each product in a given category or industry vertical. For instance, if we have hundreds of credible user reviews on a product, this factor will be given more weight than if there are only a few – but we always try to look at as many relevant and reliable factors as possible.

This way, we can make sure our rankings are not only relevant to our audience but also very hard to manipulate by vendors or their competitors.

What does the Crozscore mean?

As with any fully automated algorithm, the Crozscore isn’t perfect. For new products or products with limited data availability, the Crozscore extrapolates the “fit” based on what information is available. Rather than not ranking these products at all (like most other platforms), we try to be as predictive as we can. We benchmark available data against other relevant players to predictively fill the gaps.

This means, however, that there are fluctuations over time and the scoring needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The Crozscore is great to gain a quick overview of a software market and figure out which products could be a good fit for your business. It does not mean that a software solution with a lower score is necessarily “worse” than one with a higher score. It rather represents an objective view of a product’s overall performance across a spectrum of different factors, as predicted by an unbiased machine.

What are the key Crozscore components?

User Reviews and Satisfaction

The user reviews and satisfaction data included in the Crozscore is aggregated from a range of sources. It includes Crozdesk reviews and reviews from select external sources. The purpose of this is to gather insight into how software users feel about the solutions they are using. The weighted review average and the number of reviews a solution possesses are the largest and most important factors in the calculation of the Crozscore if sufficient review data is available. Generally, newer reviews are more important than older ones. Additionally, lengthier and more detailed reviews from credible users will also carry more weight than their shorter and “spammier” counterparts.

Buzz Score

The buzz score serves as an indicator of how popular a particular software solution is. This includes estimated user numbers, market share, overall popularity, press mentions and other similar factors. The purpose of this is to estimate the mass-appeal, traction and, by extension, the likelihood of leading to a conversion of a new software buyer.

Relative Recent Interest

The relative recent interest component is generated through monitoring recent online traffic, trends and social mentions. The change in this factor is measured over a 3 month period to determine whether a solution is gaining or losing in overall popularity.
This component is similar to the buzz score, but measures the relative change to the status-quo rather than the absolute value. For instance, a new CRM solution with incredible traction, growing its user base at triple-digit percentages every year, would get a boost through this factor even if it still has very little market share as compared to larger market leaders.

Other Factors

A range of additional factors, including functionality, social, user satisfaction and traction metrics are taken into account in the scoring process in some verticals. We continuously test and improve upon our ranking algorithms and data sources to make sure they are as relevant and fair as possible.

What constitutes a “good” Crozscore?

This depends on the category or industry vertical. It’s generally best to compare Crozscores among competitors in the same category.

Generally speaking, in very competitive categories a “good” Crozscore is in the range of 70 or higher. As such, most Crozdesk Market Radars only feature software solutions that fall into this range. There are, however, a few exceptions across niche markets that do not have a high enough volume to allow for effective predictive comparison.

Software solutions boasting a score of over 80 can be considered as very effective at solving a given pain point in the market, whereas those with a score of over 90 are generally the category “Champions”, boasting both great user satisfaction and a sizeable market share.

Leadsquared Review

Editors’ Review by the Marketing Automation Software Review Team

LeadSquared is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, helping to accelerate the lead capture process with automation capabilities, optimized responsive landing pages, and seamless lead acquisition from multiple sources. This marketing software solution is a comprehensive customer acquisition platform built to quickly deliver real leads toward your sales funnel.

Furthermore, the software is a complete marketing automation and CRM software solution for businesses. It is used mainly to organize lead capture, lead management, sales management, and analytics. LeadSquared is tailored for multiple industries, including education, travel, real estate, health and wellness, financial services, B2B companies, software and IT services, marketing agencies, event management, and online businesses.

LeadSquared leverages sources to capture workable leads including websites, chat, phone calls, incoming messages, and lead generation websites. The solution also provides users with a wide range of marketing and sales features, which include drip marketing, segmentation, behavioural analysis and insights, sales funnel, marketing analytics and more.

LeadSquared Functions

As a marketing automation, lead conversion, and CRM software solution, LeadSquared offers many utilities to aid your business in several ways. The platform is designed to capture all potential leads across multiple sources, both online and off. It can track and nurture those leads so they become sales ready.

The platform also helps your sales reps to quickly identify and follow-up on leads with great potential for closing, whilst also providing in-depth analytics that offer actionable insights on elements that are working and those that need a little more work and improvement.

LeadSquared allows users to push their leads faster down their sales pipeline with the platform’s fully automated feature. With this software solution, you can effortlessly design and tailor the experience of your site visitors with drip marketing and automated workflows. The platform also helps businesses and organizations gauge and enhance their email and drip marketing campaigns effectively.

The email marketing solution has several tools that enable you to design and create beautiful custom emails that are optimized for virtually all types of devices. You get access to advanced email analytics to help improve the efficiency of your campaigns and it helps you build creative, engaging and responsive landing pages in mere minutes.

Additionally, the software solution also provides real-time landing page reports, giving you all the crucial data, you need to improve your strategies and techniques and produce a higher volume of leads from your website and other sources. The platform helps spot the most active leads, track down the activities of your leads and even helps segment your leads so you can take the appropriate actions based on the data provided by the system.

Some of the key solutions available with LeadSquared include Lead Capture Automation, which features responsive landing pages designed for all types of devices, helping to build up traffic to lead conversions from all the lead generation campaigns you’re running.

The solution also comes with forms, which are also responsive to varying mobile phone screen sizes. With this feature, you will be able to transform any web page into a lead capture page by simply generating and inserting well-optimized and responsive web forms.

LeadSquared’s Lead Capture Automation solution also comes with website widgets that help to add convenience and efficiency in generating more leads from all your different web pages and existing website traffic. The system also allows for continuous lead capture from a wide variety of sources, including online campaigns, inbound email, blogs, chat, website traffic, even phone calls, and so on.

Another core solution provided by LeadSquared is Marketing Automation. This software solution comes with several features that are designed to facilitate your marketing process. These features include:

  • Drip marketing –Grab the attention of your prospects and market your products and/or service continuously with trigger-based emails and drip marketing.
  • Segmentation –Categorize or segment your email contact lists for lead nurturing derived from behaviour, lead scores, geography, or any additional useful variable.
  • Activity tracking –Track all your prospective leads more efficiently by monitoring their activity, such as website visits, email opens and clicks and more.
  • Personalized email and messaging campaigns –Engage your customers and leads by disseminating pertinent and highly personalized content using email and/or SMS messages.

In addition to both lead capture automation and marketing automation solutions, LeadSquared also offers marketing analytics as well as API and connectors. It provides deep insights into the performance and effectiveness of your lead sources, landing pages, campaigns, and more.

Lead Conversion Platform

Combines the power of Marketing Automation, Sales CRM and Machine Learning

Marketing Automation

Push your leads down the sales funnel

  • Drip Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Scoring
  • Website Tracking

Conversion Prediction

Foretells chances of conversion for leads

Conversion prediction uses the principles of machine learning to predict conversion chances of every lead. It collects all the historical data and finds correlation between lead attributes that impact conversion outcome. The system is set up to pick impact attributes from historical data, learns from it and creates the prediction model. New leads are fed into the model to predict the conversion chance that is presented to sales and marketing users as – high, medium or low.

Sales + Mobile CRM

Increase the velocity of your business

  • Lead Tracking
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Distribution
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Tracking

LeadSquared Benefits

LeadSquared comes with more features and capabilities than the majority of leading marketing and sales automation software solutions available today. That platform combines a number of tools to facilitate the marketing automation, lead conversion, and CRM processes. This incorporates lead capture solutions like responsive landing pages to maximize web traffic, to website widgets for improved lead generation through existing website traffic.

With a highly advanced and seamless capture technology, LeadSquared allows businesses and organizations to capture leads from different sources in a more efficient and practical way. Moreover, the customizable lead scoring feature allows users to configure their lead stages and lead scores according to their preference and strategy. With this tool, you can map out lead activities and set respective scores.

Lead capture and marketing activity automation

LeadSquared allows you to capture leads from all sources in an automated process. From lead sources like online ads and blogs to emails and lead generation websites, the lead acquisition process is fully automated and highly efficient.

Additionally, the software solution also automates marketing activities. With this solution, users will be able to engage prospects through SMS messages, emails, drip marketing campaigns, and more. The system also helps you keep track of activities through all touchpoints such as blogs, emails, online ads, phone calls, and website. You can also segment your lead list based on lead scores, behaviour, geography, and more.

Accelerated sales and API access

LeadSquared allows users to accelerate the sales process by providing them with the ability to prioritize sale-ready leads with lead quality and lead engagement scoring. The platform automates lead assignment within the sales team by effectively pre-defining distribution rules and conditions. Users can set tasks and reminders so customer interaction can be handled with ease. And with the LeadSquared mobile app, you will be able to keep an eye on everything, especially the sales information, anytime and anywhere.

Conversion Prediction

Automatically tells you which leads are likely to convert

Spots conversion attributes

Spots all attributes from historical data to identify the factors that impact customer acquisition

Machine learns

The system learns and builds a prediction model from historical data by picking lead attributes that impact outcomes

Predicts conversion chance

New leads are fed into the model to predict the conversion chance as high, medium or low

LeadSquared Pricing

LeadSquared offers different pricing for the marketing automation solution and the sales and mobile CRM solutions. Each of the two main solutions has three pricing plans for you to choose from. Check the packages below and see which suits your organization best.

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