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Instapage Integration – Get The Most Out of Every Lead

Engage leads with relevant messaging as soon as they enter LeadSquared from your Instapage Landing Pages

Capture and act on every lead opportunity

Engage leads instantly

Use auto-responders to immediately reach out to and engage anyone who submits a form on Instapage.

Manage all your leads

Individuals who sign up using Unbounce are captured automatically – letting you focus on following up and managing them.

Nurture leads with email

Use high-performing email campaigns to nurture your leads with relevant and timely communications that turn them into clients.

Track your leads efficiently

Track and monitor leads activity. Nurture them with content based on their activities and make sure they convert.

Amplify your conversions

Never miss out on a lead. 100% of leads captured on an Instapage landing page enters your LeadSquared CRM.

Get detailed conversion analytics

Know the keywords, traffic sources and locations getting you the best conversions and start making data-driven marketing decisions.

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