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CRM Implementation

The steps you need to follow to make your CRM implementation a success and increase productivity.

Why Every Business Needs a CRM

CRM Implementation

Increase Sales Productivity

CRM’s standardize how Sales Reps track activities and every prospect interaction which helps managers lead their sales teams to success

CRM Implementation

Unified View of all your Customer Data

Decentralised data is outdated and unreliable. A CRM provides a complete, accurate and up to date record of all your prospects history in one place.

CRM Implementation

Improved Communication

With a CRM, sales people always know who has already spoken to a prospect and what to cover during a call because you have an up to date view of all your prospects engagements with your company.

CRM Implementation

Scale your Sales Growth

Its easy to manually track interactions for a few customers but when you are nurturing 50+ prospects at a time, you will miss opportunities to do business if you do not use a CRM.

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Steps to a Successful CRM Implementation

  1. Understand Sales Process & Lead Ownership
  2. Import Data into CRM
  3. Map CRM to Sales Process
CRM Implementation

Understand the Sales Process

Getting your Sales Team to adopt and start using your CRM is one of the biggest challenges for companies when it comes to implementing a CRM. Understanding how the CRM will support existing processes is key to your successful implementation.

Deal Stages. What are the major steps in the teams buying process? Effective deal stages are clearly defined and tied to a trackable action. Some common stages include call/demo scheduled, follow up email sent, proposal drafted, deal won, deal lost.

Lead Fields. CRMs come with basic fields like first name, last name, email address. These Lead Fields may not cover your industry specific lead fields, so it is essential that you list all your custom lead fields and create them in LeadSquared at the very beginning. These custom leads fields ensure that your CRM holds all the important information for a specific company’s marketing, sales, and services team.

Lead Owners. For your CRM to be effective, you need to have clear rules that define ownership of leads and accounts. Without this information there will be conflict between sales representatives.

Territory Carving. If your company uses geographic territories to determine sales ownership, your CRM must be configured to hold this information so that your automatic lead distribution logic can include territory rules.

CRM Implementation

Import Data into your CRM

Clean Data. Don’t contaminate your CRM with dirty data. Delete all irrelevant data records before you import your data into your CRM.

Data Errors. Keep an offline copy of the data you import into your CRM in the event that you lose information when uploading your data into a CRM.

Plan for each Section. Make sure that your headers in your import file have been setup in LeadSquared so that your data can be moved into the right custom lead fields on import.

CRM Implementation

Sales Process

Once you have imported your data into your LeadSquared CRM its time to build your Sales Process into LeadSquared.

Lead Distribution Automation. Automatically distributing high quality leads to the right sales reps will limit time wasted on unqualified or invalid leads where your sales reps could be spending their time selling to qualified leads.

Build Lead Notification for Sales Reps. Too much information for a sales rep is a major problem. Sales Reps perform better with laser sharp focus. Setup email notifications so your Sales Reps can stay on top of all high-quality leads daily.

Build SmartView’s for Sales Reps. Create easy to use work areas in LeadSquared where your Sales Reps can stay on top of their key deliverables every day without any unnecessary system navigation that wastes time.

Schedule Custom Reports for Sales Reps. The data that is collected in a CRM will provide your Sales Reps with valuable insights around their productivity and performance against quotas. Save these reports and deliver them to your Sales Reps daily so they can stay on top of leads delivered to them, activities they logged, product demos delivered, deals won, and deals lost.

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