The COVID-19 outbreak has required hundreds of South African companies to begin supporting remote work.

For many companies, supporting remote work presents new and intimidating challenges that need to be resolved immediately.

Here is how you can solve one of them: lead nurturing

How can you nurture your leads while working from home?

Improve your lead capturing 


The best thing you can do for your lead nurturing is to capture leads better.

By this, we mean designing your form to get all the information you need to deliver appropriate, effective nurturing content, without scaring off  your leads

Here’s how to design the perfect form for lead nurturing

1. Remember the basics: always ask for a name and email address first.

2 . Ask what problems your lead needs solved, or what interested them in your product or service. This will allow you to nurture them with the appropriate case study, blog or e-book and to personalise your email to them. 

Keep it short and sweet. If there’s anything else you need to know to deliver a great service, ask for it, but don’t ask too much of your leads. 

Strengthen your nurturing emails


You have your leads’ contact information and good a sense of their needs, so you’re ready to start nurturing them.

Not all of your leads will be ready to buy immediately. By figuring out their problems or needs with your form, you will be able to deliver exactly what they need to become more confident about making a buying a decision.

1. Take a look at the lead information you’ve captured. What problems do your leads need solved? What interested them in your service?

2. Generate and deliver content to your leads that directly answers the questions they have or explains how your product or service solves their specific problem. Sending your leads an email that perfectly addresses their personal concerns will help you convince them that you are the service provider for them.

Start a conversation with your leads based on their response to your content. Did they find it valuable? What more might they need to know, or understand?

Lead nurturing is about addressing every concern your lead has about your service or product, up until you’ve managed to convince them of it’s value to them.

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