The COVID-19 outbreak has required hundreds of South African companies to begin supporting remote work.

For many companies, supporting remote work presents new and intimidating challenges that need to be resolved immediately.

Here is how you can solve one of them: lead management

How can you manage leads while working from home?

Use a CRM

Here’s a no-brainer: if you’re spending time and money generating leads, you’re wasting it by not managing them properly.

How does a CRM help you generate more revenue? By helping you better understand the opportunities in each lead you generate.

Here’s how to ensure you’re generating maximum revenue from your leads using a CRM.

You can’t manage leads that aren’t in your CRM. If you aren’t importing your leads into your CRM automatically, make sure you are manually importing every lead you capture.

In order to better understand the opportunities in your leads, certain pieces of information go a long way. What problems are they experiencing? What kind of solution are they looking for? Include these questions in your forms to ensure you always have the information you need to turn leads into customers.

Your CRM is incredibly valuable. It allows you to prioritise your tasks around managing your customer relationships and ensuring your key prospects get the attention they need to turn into customers. You should invest in yours.

Filter, score and distribute


You’ve got your leads organised in your CRM. Now it’s time to turn that lead information into something more useful and actionable.

This is the process that reveals to opportunities in the data and determines who is responsible for each lead.

Step one: Filter your leads by their needs, requirements or location, whichever is the most appropriate based on how your business engages new leads. 

Step two: Distribute the leads to the most appropriate salespersons.

Step three: Determine which leads are your most valuable and which you ought to focus on first.

Your lead management process needs to consider own sales structure and process. Think about the kinds of leads you’re looking for: what information or processes would allow you to more easily see the opportunities?

Relationship management

Your final lead management step is to start engaging your leads.

With the information you’ve gathered and organised you should have everything you need to begin your lead nurturing process.

But before you can start nurturing your leads, there is one critically important thing that has to happen first: making first contact.

No matter how you received a lead, you need to confirm that you have received their inquiry and let them know what they can expect from you next.

The sooner this happens, the higher the chance that you will be able to convert them. After that, your communications should all follow your lead nurturing strategy.

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