The COVID-19 outbreak has required hundreds of South African companies to begin supporting remote work.

For many companies, supporting remote work presents new and intimidating challenges that need to be resolved immediately.

Here is how you can solve one of them: Lead Generation

How can you generate leads while working from home?

Market to people you can help

Think about your target audience.

What challenges are they experiencing right now, and where are they looking for the solutions?

No matter what your business is, this is what many of your lead opportunities look like right now:

1. Stuck at home.

2. Worried about how a downturned economy would affect them and their ability to support their families.

3. Experiencing some of these problems for the first time.

4. Looking for answers on Google and Social Media.

You can generate top-of-funnel leads by sharing valuable content and advice to these individuals in a time of need. Think about how your target audience is feeling and create targeted content, emails and adverts that show them you can help.

Draw from people you’ve helped already

Think about your most satisfied clients.

You’ve provided great service in the past. When times were easier, you helped people and contributed to their professional lives and success.

Providing good service and relationship-building pays off in the long run. You can generate leads by using your best customers, friends and contacts.

If you have any recurring customers or cyclical business, now is a terrible time to lose them. Focus on reassuring and retaining the business you can rely on.

It is, however, a great time to ask for referrals. Create some offers, practice your pitch and let people know that you’re looking to generate leads.

Keep in contact with your colleagues and industry contacts. Pick their brains. Find out who is looking for solutions like yours and where they are. Prepare some tools (content, ads, cards, offers, a 15-minute consultation pitch) and get hunting.

Now that times are tough, focus on the reliable. Double-down on the clients you’ve served well and the people and channels that have served you.

Create systems to generate leads from home

Think about your target audience again.

At home, worried, uncertain and searching for answers. 

You can generate leads by making sure people looking for solutions can find you and that you’re set up for remote lead generation.

Retain your ability to plan, execute and measure your efforts. Zoom, if you don’t know, is a fantastic tool that allows you to host meetings and coordinate your efforts from home. And it’s free!

Can you capture leads from home? Do you have simple and effective forms on your sites, capturing new leads brought straight to you by your content and ads? If not, read this.

There are huge numbers of potential leads on Google and Facebook right now. Get content writing, posting and spending on ads and make sure there is a clear route for Facebook users and Google searchers to become a leads. Double-check all the links, buttons and forms on your sites, ads and posts.

It’s critical that you have the right tools, so focus on creating what you need to generate leads online: website pages, landing pages, forms, a CRM and content/ ads.

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