The COVID-19 outbreak has required hundreds of South African companies to begin supporting remote work.

For many companies, supporting remote work presents new and intimidating challenges that need to be resolved immediately.

Here is how you can solve one of them: lead capturing

How can you capture leads while working from home?

There are solutions out there for people who want to capture leads from social media, email, sales calls and other channels without using a website.

But using a separate system to capture your leads means lead leakage. You are losing the ability to automatically import your leads into a system where you can respond to them, manage them and nurture them.

If you are not responding to your leads within an hour, you might as well start all over.

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LeadSquared gathers all your leads into one place so you have unified view of every single lead you generate, across every channel. If lead management, nurturing or remarketing is important to you, stay away from Excel spreadsheets.

If you do have a website, you can use LeadSquared to build Landing Pages and have an online presence very quickly and super easily.

LeadSquared gives you the ability to create forms that you can use on your own website, on Landing Pages that you create in LeadSquared. You can use Forms you could use online forms to advertise your services, offer a piece of content in exchange for a lead’s information and automatically import your captured leads into your CRM along with all the information your leads provide you in your forms.

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These videos will show you exactly how LeadSquared’s marketing and sales automations work and how you can use them to generate leads, respond to them, nurture them and close them with completely automated processes.

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Begin Your 15-Day Free Trial Now

With the right tool, it’s easy to capture leads from home.

We are offering customised free trials of LeadSquared to businesses that are serious about remote lead generation.

You can use LeadSquared to capture leads from any channel or system you use, thanks to integrations with other tools, automatically import them directly into your CRM and begin marketing to them immediately using LeadSquared’s incredibly impressive marketing automation system.  

Start your 15-day free trial today to see how easy working from home can be. We won’t even ask for your credit card details.

You’ve got a lot to gain. Find out just how much today.

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