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Marketing Automation for Healthcare Providers

Build meaningful relationships with patients that improve their experience as well as their lifetime value


Use personalised communication to deliver great patient experiences

And increase patient engagement and retention

Increase appointment-to-visit ratios

Send appointment reminders, hospital locations, doctor reviews and more to patients with ease. This can reduce drop-offs and improve new patient acquisition and retention rates.

Send patient information, diagnosis and suggestions automatically

Make your patients experience as convenient as possible. Send important information (prescriptions, appointment dates) to patients via email, text message or through the patient portal.

Keep patients abreast of processes

Patient experience and retention depends on managing patient expectations. Giving them visibility of their entire experience, and giving them critical information at important times, can dramatically improve their experience with you.

Automate event reminders

With simple or sophisticated healthcare workflow automations you can engage patients who might be interested in recurring events, remind them of upcoming appointments or even send them happy birthday messages.

Send patients offers that relate to their diagnosis

Bi-annual wellness check-ups, baby shower activities for expectant mothers, yoga classes for new mothers – identify valuable offers for specific patients and have them automatically receive them using automation.

Automatically send prompts to reschedule appointments

Minimise drop-offs by running re-engagement campaigns that automatically encourage patients to reschedule their appointments.

Collect patient feedback and respond to it immediately

Assess the quality of your service and the experience patients have with you and address patient concerns quickly and with full context. Partially completed forms can be emailed and texted to patients for completion.

Enhance your doctors experience with relevant communications

Sophisticated engagement, activity and communication reports

Physician Satisfaction and Referral Reports

“We have plugged our leads leakage by over 30%.”

“We are using Leadsquared to map customer communications – on phone, chat, and email. All our leads through our online marketing initiatives are pulled into Leadsquared, and the customer service team uses Leadsquared to follow through on the leads as well as clients. Most of the leads can be captured, so leakage is avoided. We have plugged our leads leakage by over 30%.”

Shalika Gupta

Chief Operating Officer, Kosmoderma Clinics & Medi Spas

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