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Ensure Patient Satisfaction with a Healthcare CRM

Use comprehensive client profiles and deep insights to deliver personalised attention and achieve better acquisition and retention ratios.


Build a 360-degree patient profile

Get to know your patients as people by weaving information together from multiple data sources, like patient demographics, social profiles, behavioral data, medical history and appointment history.

Integrate your healthcare CRM with your main care-giving tools

Get a single view for all your patient details by integrating LeadSquared with the your hospital information system, patient management system, appointment scheduling, healthcare call centre, EMRs and your patient portal.

Deliver personalised attention and solutions to patients

Segment and profile your existing patients and prospects based on their locations, conditions, affiliated physicians, referring partners, preferences, past diagnoses and family history.

Use this information to create relevant communications and deliver them via email, text, remarketing campaigns, phone calls and more.

Use account management to organise family members as a unit

By grouping the members of one family together as a unit, you can keep track of your patients’ history with your hospital, their family history of hereditary conditions and the appointment history of all the family members.

You can then use this information to offer relevant health tips, loyalty points and rewards.

Use this information to enhance your patients’ experience

Maintain personalised attention in patient communication

Improve patient relationships and engagement with personalised communication, complete visibility into their healthcare history and personalised emails, texts and phone calls.

Patient details, always on-hand

Provide exceptional patient experiences thanks to easy access to full patient history and doctors’ schedules.

For instance: When a repeat patient calls to book an appointment, use their history (diagnosis, prior treatment, physician, etc.) to book an appointment accordingly.

Predict and address patient needs

Improve patient relationships with proactive management of their conditions. Predict what your patients might need based on information from multiple data points, deliver exactly what they expect and curb preventable conditions in the process.

A front-end healthcare CRM for all your teams


Call Centre Teams

With access to doctors’ calendars & patient histories, call centre teams can easily book or reschedule appointments and follow-ups.


Feet-on-street Teams

Feet-on-street teams can use the mobile app to plan their daily tasks and routes, track task completion and have additional opportunities highlighted by their managers.


Front-desk Executives

Register new patients, update records and book appointments with ease. Perform patient feedback collection via our mobile app.

IT Teams

IT teams can ensure a positive experience for patients by centralising hospital systems, contributing to their ease of use and the productivity of your teams.

Centre, Care Managers

Automate operational tasks to create more time for centre and care managers to focus on patient experience management.


In-centre doctors can view, cancel or reschedule their appointments through both the desktop system or through the mobile app, giving them the ability to plan and get sight of their schedules.

Automate operational tasks, lower their costs and save time

Automate appointment bookings

Appointment booking can be automated based on a clinic’s location, specialty, the doctor, patient preferences and more.

Sync appointments from the appointment scheduling app and notify doctors and care managers of any changes.

Automate inquiry distributions

Automatically distribute all incoming appointment requests and other inquiries based on agent availability, shift timings of individual agents, region, centre location, department, the urgency of the call and more.

Automatically map patients to doctors of their choice

Alternatively, map patients to doctors that best fit their requirements.

Ensure faster patient responses and save the care managers’ time by distributing patients as soon as their inquiries come in.

Respond to negative feedback immediately

Assess the quality of your service, doctors and facilities and win back disgruntled or dissatisfied patients with timely and relevant action. Automatically email and text the feedback to the patient.

Full visibility of important information and changes

With operational tasks automated, the schedules of different departments are synched in such a way that activities, information and changes can be made visible to all who might be affected.

For instance, patients are notified instantly whenever a doctor’s calendar is updated to avoid confusions.

A mobile healthcare CRM

Empower your doctors and feet-on-street teams to work on the go

Get critical insights into operations at all levels

Shrink your acquisition costs and improve your operational efficiency thanks to actionable reports

“Our team productivity has increased by 100%”

“We are using LeadSquared to manage a lead inflow of 300,000/month (and growing) and an ever-expanding field team of 150 users. Keeping track of the leads and their status, and subsequent follow-ups have become much easier. The main features we use are the mobile app, email & SMS automation, location tracking, sales automation, and real-time analytics. Our lead-to-customer ratio has gone up by 400% and team productivity by 100% since implementing LeadSquared.”

Rahul Bantiya

Head – Growth and Marketing, LifCARE Pharmacy

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