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Call Centre Integration for Healthcare Providers

Ensure that every patient has a positive, helpful and personalised experience when dealing with your call centre.


Increase patient satisfaction with a responsive healthcare call centre

More resolutions with lower hold times and call abandon rates

Empower your agents to better resolve patient inquiries

With Leadsquared, inquiries are always routed to the right agent.

Agents are equipped with all patient information, allowing them to resolve any kind of inquiries they might receive.

Match patients to the perfect agent

Don’t keep patients on hold or subject them to call transfers.

Have calls automatically assigned to available agents based on the patients’ preferred language, their location, the nature of their query and more.

Ensure that agents always have complete patient information available

Give your agents everything they need to deliver great patient experiences, such as patient history and the details of upcoming appointments. 

Empower agents to schedule appointments with ease

With visibility of full patient and doctor information, including patient appointment history and doctor availability,  call centre agents can easily schedule, cancel and reschedule new appointments. 

Doctors can also be notified of changes to their schedules automatically.

Maximise response rates for patient feedback surveys

Patients that fail to share their feedback or who are unresponsive to email and text requests can be engaged by call centre agents. 

With access to the patient’s level of engagement or concerns,  agents can engage them in the most appropriate way.

Enhance individual agent efficiency

With priority scoring, calls are lined up for agents automatically in such a way that the most important calls are made first. A pop-up of patient details accompanies each patient profile, ensuring that each conversation is well-informed.

Support new agent training with unique benchmarks and performance measurements

Define important ourcomes, set success benchmarks for your agents and measure the performance of each agent. This allows you to train new agents effectively as well as identify the best agents according to your most important outcomes.

View performance analytics reports for your call centre

“Our call centre efficiency per agent has increased by 60%.”

“Smart views helps our agents intercept all incoming requests quickly & call the patient in a few minutes, reducing the decision-making time. Automation handles all our lead management activities, from lead allocation to lead prioritisation. Plus, our daily call centre efficiency per agent has increased by 60%.”

Siddhartha Nihalani

AVP – Engineering, Practo

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