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Gmail Integration – Make Sending and Tracking Your Sales Emails Easy

Send emails to your leads from your Gmail account using LeadSquared’s Gmail integration

Integrate your Gmail account with LeadSquared

Connect Gmail

Connect your Gmail account with LeadSquared. Sync your email contacts, and more with just one click.

Track emails sent from Gmail

Send sales emails from Gmail to your leads and enjoy full exchange capture for both incoming and outgoing mail.

Ensure consistent quality

Make inconsistent messaging and errors a worry of the past. Ensure the quality standards you set are maintained.

Track response delays

Monitor delays in prospect responses and correct where necessary. Never risk losing a deal due to slow response time.

View email exchange threads

Get a full picture of the exchange between your salespeople and their prospect. Provide support to maximise sales performance.

Improve email metrics

Analytics will tell you which subject line worked best and what content got more clicks. Improve your campaigns by looking at this data.

Track and view all sales emails

Track and read sales emails sent to your prospects. Get the full picture by viewing the conversations that are happening between your salespeople and your prospects.

Get advanced email analytics  

Never have to guess how effective your emails are. See your email performance at any time and continually improve on your campaigns.

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