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Field Force Tracking & Reports

Keep a check on your field agents at all times.
Geo-tracking, geo-fencing and more


Plan their day in advance and track them

Complete visibility into your Sales Agents’ plans and routes for the day. You will know the number of meetings that have been scheduled for the day, the calls that they have to make, the tasks that have been assigned to them for the day, along with the routes they are meant to follow.

Field force tracker day and route planning
Field force tracker check in and check out

Track their check ins, check outs and attendance

Track if your field teams start their day on time by mandating automated or manual check-ins and check-outs. Set workday templates for your agents to define when and where their work starts and ends.

You can send reminders to your sales team that their workdays are about to start. If they have not checked in, the app will do it automatically for them, given they are at the correct location.

Geo-fencing to avoid meeting manipulations

To prevent your field team from making fraudulent check-ins, you can now perform certain restrictions. Your agent cannot check-in or add meeting notes without being physically present in that location.

Not only does it prevent dishonest practices, but also ensures that the reports are accurate.

field force tracker geo fencing
Field force tracker meeting reports

Get complete reports of the day along with routes

Get a visual representation of the route that your field agent has travelled and the meetings they have completed. Know what time he has checked in and from where and the distance that he has covered that day.

You can also find out the number of meetings that he has done that day as well as the ones he has missed.

Meeting count reports for individual agents and teams

Keep a track of how many meetings your field agent is doing daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. You can get information such as the types of meetings that are happening and the quality of these meetings.

This data will help you understand how well your salespeople are performing and what targets you can set for them.

field force reports meeting count
field force reports task reports

Task reports for agents and teams

In addition to meetings, your field agents may have other tasks assigned to them on a regular basis. These could be pre-sales related tasks such as follow-ups, setting up meetings or emailing documents. Or they could be post-sales operations tasks such as KYC verification etc.

You can keep a check on how many tasks are being assigned to your team and how quickly they are being completed.

Distance covered and meetings attended reports

This report will help you figure out how much physical distance an agent is covering in a given period of time. But why is this data important?

It will help you determine the amount of manpower that goes into each meeting and the time spent on travel. The management can then take decisions on how to optimize their sales route, so that more meetings are covered with the least amount of travel.

Field force tracker meeting reports
Field force reports revenue dashboard

Revenue reports by agents and teams

This is an important part of any organization: the contribution of an agent or team to the profits of the business. You can accurately map the incoming revenue to the contributions of the rep.

Since the system provides increased transparency, it is easy for quality control to find the best performer as well as the worst.

Sales productivity reports

Another important metric, that can be used to identify your best agent. You can determine which factor translates to being the most productive. This could be the number of meetings he completes, the number of tasks he checks off his list, the number of deals he wins or the money he rakes in.

Again, this would be a measure to determine your best performer to reward. Or to identify the not-so-good ones to find out what went wrong.

Field force reports productivity tracking
Field force reports overall achievement reports

360 degree view of organization

Get complete insights into how your organization is performing as a whole. Know the impact of your sales team to efficiency, conversion rates, and revenue.

You can also find out which lead source, geography, demography, product, and field agent is bringing in the most revenue.

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