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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about LeadSquared.
What is an automation and how does it work?

Use Cases for Automations

Automating your sales processes is a proven method to improve productivity and save time.

But how do you design a good workflow automation?

LeadSquared offers you a software solution that can help you do this.

Use case 1:
A workflow to manage lead distribution

One of the most common use cases for most businesses is lead distribution. Without a well-designed workflow, leads coming in from various sources may remain unassigned for days. You may lose this unattended lead to a competitor.

To avoid this risk, it’s possible to set up a lead assignment rule, which ensures the accurate matching of leads with their owners (sales reps) based on certain criteria. These criteria allow sorting leads out by geography, age, lead source, etc. If the lead meets the criteria, it is assigned to the respective owner. Otherwise, the lead is assigned to a lead queue.

Let’s consider an example of sorting leads out by industry. Let’s assume there are 3 major industries (retail, manufacturing, professional services) and 3 respective rule entries.

The logic of each rule entry will be the same, following the “if/else” statement pattern: “If a lead comes from the retail/manufacturing/professional services sector, then it goes to a sales rep 1/2/3”.

To reflect these requirements in the assignment rule, a CRM admin only fills in the fields with criteria and the names of the reps to assign leads to. When the rules are created, the lead coming from a particular lead source will be automatically assigned to a certain sales rep. The rep will also get an email notification that the new lead has been assigned to them.

Use case 2:
A workflow to nurture opportunities

Lead nurturing generates 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. With this in mind, setting up well-defined workflows that push your leads down the funnel is important. Having an automated opportunity nurturing process can help you reduce the risk of losing good leads.

Let’s consider the example of opportunity nurturing with a follow-up email at the proposal stage. Say the sales rep has already offered certain products/services at a certain price. It would be helpful to send a follow-up email that highlights the benefits of making a purchase or summarises the conversation.

Setting up such a workflow rule will follow the pattern “if the opportunity stage is ‘Proposal’, remind the opportunity’s owner to send the customer a follow-up email with the highlights of the recent conversation”. The change of the opportunity stage will trigger an email notification from the CRM to a sales rep to follow up on this opportunity with a summary email briefly enlisting all the points the customer has discussed with the sales rep during the previous conversation.

Use case 3:
A workflow to approve sales discounts

Most sales reps may not have the authority or permission to provide discounts. In such cases, they may have to ask the manager for the same. Doing this manually for a big team can get time-consuming. To make this simpler, you can automate the approval process.

Let’s consider the example of creating the process of approving sales discounts. Before setting up the process itself, the CRM admin needs to add 2 custom fields to the opportunity record: Discount Percentage and Status of Approval (which may be either Discount Approved or Discount Rejected).

According to the created approval process, if the discount is less than 5%, a sales rep’s request is approved automatically. If the discount is from 5% to 15%, a sales manager gets the request for approval and either approves, or rejects the discount.

For making a decision, the manager considers such factors as the opportunity’s amount, the duration of the deal etc. Custom email templates allow a sales manager to decide on the discount, just pressing Approve Discount or Reject Discount button. After this, the sales rep who submitted the request receives an email notification about the result. The custom field Status of Approval is also updated automatically, corresponding to the manager’s decision.

The next step of the approval process implies that all the requests for sales discounts greater than 15% will be delegated to the Head of Sales. The logic is the same: after considering whether the opportunity will be discounted, the Head of Sales either approves or rejects the request.


Choose from our ready-made Automation Templates

Choose from one of many ready-made automation templates that cover everything from:

  • Inbound Prospect Follow-ups
  • Customer Follow-ups
  • Re-engagement
  • Engagement
  • Finishing of Purchases
  • Onboarding of new clients
  • Internal User Engagement
  • Or build your own from scratch


Automate when your Automations start

Easy to implement.

When a Lead enters your LeadSquared profile, decide what automated actions you want to happen;

  • New Leads
  • Lead Updates
  • When a Lead is added to a List
  • On a specific date like their birthdays or property anniversaries

Activity Based Triggers

Start your automations when an Activity happens like:

  • A new lead submits a form on a website or visits a website page
  • Or when a Sales Rep updates a sales activity


Automations for your LeadSquared Users

Automate your business processes based on your internal staff.

  • Send them birthday messages
  • Send them Happy Work Anniversary messages
  • Start your processes when they check in at the start of the day and setup automations at the end of their day


Automate Tasks

Setup business processes to ensure that every single task is actioned and completed in accordance with your business requirements.

Improve your customer experience by managing every single task that has to be attended to everyday.


Use Process Designer

Decide where you want your process to start and where you want it to end.



GREEN – This is one Automation

PURPLE – Each Automation has a certain amount of cards Linked to it that can be used

RED – Each Automation has a certain amount of Events linked to it.

BLUE – Rules & Notifications are for internal Communication purposes only.

Each LeadSquared Package specifies how many Automations you have available. Where you need more Automations, you can top up your automations by contacting


The Bottomline

CRM capabilities help to manage routine sales tasks such as lead distribution, opportunity nurturing, and sales approvals easier with workflow automation. The increased efficiency in performing these tasks is likely to result in the higher productivity of your sales staff and streamlined sales processes of your organisation.

Seamlessly integrate your internal applications and third-party systems with LeadSquared.

For more check:

Built for high-volume, high-velocity teams

Get in touch:


Can I track an unknown visitor on my website?

The answer is no, however if you have the contact record imported into your LeadSquared Platform and you then send an email campaign from LeadSquared. If the contact opens the email and clicks on the link in your email, we will then be able to track the contact’s journey which is saved to the contact.

If a contact fills in a form on your website, we are also able to track the contact’s journey which is saved to the contact.

Website Widgets

You can also customise the Website Widgets for each page of your website and when you want it to be displayed. The Website Widget has a link connected to it which directs the website visitor to a form on a LeadSquared Landing Page.

If a contact fills in a form on your website, we are also able to track the contact’s journey which is saved to the contact.

Website Widget on Top of Website Page

Website Widget link direct to form

Can I send pop-up messages to visitors on my website?

Yes, you can by finding a 3rd party tool on Zapier that connects to LeadSquared. You would use our APP NOTIFICATION connector to do this.

Can we integrate our own SMS Service Provider into LeadSquared?

The short answer is yes. However it is a very big development project and will cost in the region of R300,000 to complete and take around two months. We use Panacea in LeadSquared already and our pricing per SMS credit may be a bit higher than what you pay now, however it may not be feasible for you to pay this development fee and best to use our service already available. If it is an absolute requirement, we will provide you with our open APIs so your service provider can do this integration for you. The development will involve the service provider and our development team to complete.

Can we integrate the Euphoria Telephony System into LeadSquared?

Euphoria does not have any open APIs however we can provide you with our open APIs so if Euphoria is willing to do this integration for you, it is possible. We have another client who uses Euphoria and have been presented with this question before.

How do we use the Tracking URL feature?

The tracking URL feature in LeadSquared allows you to use landing pages in multiple marketing campaigns, such as Facebook, Google Pay Per Click ads and so on.

You should use tracking URLs when you’re directing traffic to a landing page from somewhere other than a call-to-action on your own site, like an email blast, PPC campaign, banner ad, and so forth. By using the tracking URL feature, you can accurately track the lead source.

For example, you might want to know how many users come to a landing page from a particular Facebook ad, or Google Search ad, or how many users signed up on your newsletter landing page on a particular website page.

A landing page with a tracking URL looks like this (Token is bold):

To create a Tracking URL

1. Navigate to Dashboard > My Account > Settings. Click on Tracking URLs. In the Manage Tracking URL page, click on Create Tracking URL.

  1. Enter the tracking URL information in the box.
  • Page URL: Select the Landing Page for which you want to create the tracking URL. If you choose any website URL, you must make sure that page has LeadSquared tracking script installed. Ideally, it should be a page on your website.
  • Campaign Source: Select a relevant Campaign Source. Specify where this URL is being used. This is critical for assigning these URLs to a segment in your landing page report. For example, if you’re using the tracking URL in an email campaign, select Email Marketing. This way, this traffic will appear as Email in the landing page report.
  • Campaign Medium: Enter the medium that should show up as the source of your landing page visits.
  • Campaign Name: This is visible to your website visitors in your URL. This is mainly used in the keyword analysis. Hence, give a relevant campaign name.

Click on Save.

3. Copy the Tracking URL that appears, and use that as the hyperlink in your Email, Google Adwords, Facebook ad, etc. In this way, you can accurately track the lead source and the source medium.

EXAMPLE: In the landing page report, navigate to Lead Sources, and click on the relevant source. You will see the leads coming from that particular source.

For more information on how to check the lead sources, see How can I track where my Leads have come from using Lead Source Report?

API Documentation

Below is the generic link to our API documentation:

 To fetch a particular lead’s information the following APIs can be used based on what data you have available to fetch the lead data:

  1.  If you want to search the lead by phone number:
  2. If you want to search the lead based on some other lead field including multiple search conditions:
  3. If you want to search the lead based on the LeadSquared unique prospect ID:

In order to make successful calls to these APIs, the caller must have the access and secret keys generated by logging into the Leadsquared account with relevant permissions. The help link to generate access and secret keys is:

What is Marketing Automation?

LeadSquareds Marketing Automation Software allows you to automate activities and operationalize communications with the goal of managing the repetitive and time-consuming tasks you find yourself doing over and over daily.

LeadSquared is a powerful software solution that helps mechanize marketing processes. Marketing departments use LeadSquared to reduce or even eliminate repetitive tasks like:

  • Manual email campaign creation
  • Coordination of SMS messaging
  • Website Widget content
  • Data management and analysis
  • Landing Page Creation for Lead Generation

LeadSquareds Marketing Automation helps drive transactions and generate more revenue. Companies who use LeadSquared see more web traffic, more buyers and achieve greater retention and loyalty.

LeadSquared enables you to personalise all your communication, and uses your content to engage prospects and customers, that in turn converts them to qualified leads that you can convert into customers. By streamlining your processes, you are able to build personalised, one on one connections large numbers of customers at once.

  • Companies who already use LeadSquared say that Marketing Automation is critical to their overall online marketing efforts.
  • 79% of high-performing companies have been using Marketing Automation for three or more years.
  • Marketing technology spend is now higher than advertising spend for companies.
  • 74% of marketers say that “saving time” is the biggest benefit they see from Marketing Automation.
  • 67% of marketing leaders currently use a marketing automation platform.
  • You will increase your email open rates
  • Your engagement rates of your content will increase
  • You will boost revenue through up-sells
Myths about Sales & Marketing Automation

#1 Marketing Automation is only relevant for email

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels as well as one of the easiest operations to automate. However, social media, lead generation, management activities, landing pages, and others can all also be automated in LeadSquared. LeadSquared touches and improves every overarching metric of your marketing, not just email.

Once you realize the benefits that automation provides for other channels (such as quicker and simpler processes and conversion optimization), it will become clear how marketing automation can save your business both time and money across multiple channels.

Figure 1 – Image Source: Liana Technologies, 2017

#2 Marketing Automation is just another form of spam

Spam is often considered any message that shows up without warning in your inbox. The reality is that spam is really based mostly on irrelevancy. If the content you are sending to your audience does not reach them in a personalised way, it is really not worth sending at all. LeadSquared allows you to send relevant content and information to your audience based on why they are, their interests, and even how they discover your business. Automation presents and opportunity to engage with potential customers in a conversation styled approach while guiding them step-by-step through the customer lifecycle.

How does Marketing Automation benefit you?

Marketing Automation means you get more chances to get in front of the right consumers for higher conversion rates and increased revenue. You can do more with less. Marketing Automation enables companies to engage prospects and customers across multiple channels in real time every day of the week  all day long with no manual intervention.

Marketing Automation takes away the hassle from your marketing strategy and allows you to streamline, automate, and evaluate tasks and workflows. Your business can scale its efforts without more people and can improve the way you target and engage with customers.

You should invest into marketing automation sooner rather than later. It has become a standard of every marketing strategy and you simply can’t expect to have people working round the clock trying  to compete with the capabilities that marketing automation can offer you but at the same time you must realise that getting started is going to mean legwork for you. You need to create your content and customer journeys in LeadSquared.

What does LeadSquared offer me that MYCE does not?

That’s a good question.

MYCE is a CRM. It does not have any automation capabilities.

This means that MYCE can’t automate any tasks or manage your customer database. You have do go into each contact, update the contact manually, guess who you going to call, manually setup follow-ups and remember to action the follow-up when it comes about.

MYCE does not offer you the ability to segment your customers into targeted lists.

MYCE does not have the ability for you to setup email drip campaigns and it can’t automate any workflows for you.

It is a place where you store all your databases of current homeowners, past clients and prospects so you can canvass.

Let’s look at LeadSquared now.

LeadSquared gives you a Smart CRM solution where all your MYCE databases of current homeowners, past clients and prospects can be stored.

LeadSquared can segment your contacts and has an intuitive way to identify and reach out to customers without you doing anything.

LeadSquared is like having a Sales and Marketing team all in one. All your important customer data is stored in your CRM, and every time a customer engages with your content their activity is tracked so you have this very important data that is stored against every contact and the automation uses this data to do really smart marketing on your behalf. It will use data points like location, job titles, behavioural insights and more to action marketing automatically.

Once you switch this engine on, LeadSquared will start scoring and prioritizing your leads so you can focus on the leads that are ready to convert now. You do not have to guess who out of your 10000 large databases to reach out to today because LeadSquared moves your leads down the funnel for you.

You can cut all subscriptions for bulk emailing systems, SMS systems because you can do this all out of LeadSquared and on our premium package, you can build unlimited landing pages too.


Is Dracore closing down?

No ways, we just getting started.

We have decided to stop selling our MYCE product and will be shutting it down on the 31st of May 2020.


We have been working with LeadSquared for a while now and in November 2019 secured an exclusive distribution agreement with LeadSquared to offer our clients and new clients LeadSquareds Sales & Marketing Automation Software in Africa.

LeadSquared are a global SaaS business that specialise in Sales Automation, Sales Execution, Marketing Automation and Process Automation and current work have over 100 000 subscribers using LeadSquared.

LeadSquared is a premium solution and competes with the likes of Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot and HubSpot but the best part is that it’s the most affordable solution you will find in the world. Yes, in the world.

Our customer service sets us apart and our implementation team’s capabilities mean we can build solutions and achieve any solution our clients look for.

We do not just take your money and leave you to figure it out, we make sure you achieve success when making the investment in LeadSquared.

We believe that LeadSquared is the best solution for our clients across all the industries we work in. It is rich in features, its unique integration capabilities and has extremely favourable pricing that do not expose our clients to paying in US dollars.

I was a CapCubed Client so what do I do now?

As you might be aware, based on communication we sent out from early December 2019, we have secured an exclusive distribution Agreement with LeadSquared, a global cloud-based marketing automation and sales execution platform. MYCE will therefore be shut down on the 31st May 2020. During April and May all existing MYCE subscribers will be given the opportunity to migrate to LeadSquared should they wish to.


Some of you may have heard of HubSpot before or your companies might be testing it out. Make sure you make the right decision for you.


It’s expensive and not just expensive super expensive. We have done some product comparisons for you which you can read about here.


Unfortunately, Capcubed will be prohibited from providing supporting agents the MYCE platform in terms of the Property Practitioners Act 2019 which is expected to be implemented soon and have given all support agents that 30 days’ notice of termination of the MYCE service in terms of our Agreement. All MYCE access will be disabled with effect from 1st May for CapCubed users.


Should you wish to subscribe to LeadSquared on your own you can visit this link and fill in the form on the website:


We have some really attractive pricing plans, so check out our pricing page to decide which module you want to subscribe to.


All your data in your MYCE profile will be exported from MYCE and imported into your LeadSquared profile if you subscribe before the end of April 2020. If you want your data from MYCE to be imported into your LeadSquared profile, simply complete the form on the MYCE Migrations page.


We believe that the LeadSquared migration offer will provide significant value to you as a Real Estate Agent

Can I subscribe to MYCE before the 31st of May 2020?

We are no longer onboarding any new MYCE subscribers.

We are only offering the LeadSquared Plans to new customers. To view our plans and pricing options please visit our pricing page here:

Should you need to purchase deeds databases, you need to do so before the end of June 2020. To purchase your database please click here


Please note our data team will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements and provide you with a quotation for your consideration.

Can I transfer my SMS and Emailer Credits from MYCE to LeadSquared?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. MYCE is a different platform altogether and therefore its not possible to take them out of MYCE and transfer to LeadSquared.

This is why we are only shutting MYCE down on the 31st of May 2020, so you have enough time to use your SMS and Emailer credits.

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