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CRM with eKYC to Onboard Customers faster

Eliminate lengthy verification processes, reduce costs & fight fraud. Simple biometric eKYC add-on for LeadSquared CRM


Simplify verification with LeadSquared’s eKYC solution

Simplify verification with LeadSquareds eKYC solution


Onboard your customers faster with reduced verification time



Eliminate the need for physical document collection for verification


Reduce the total cost of verification with paperless and automated processing


Improve turnaround time with uberisation of lead assignment


Security + privacy is assured as the information is shared through UIDAI’s encrypted software.


The eKYC verification process is seamlessly connected to your sales CRM

Add your biometric eKYC into your complete customer onboarding process

From lead capture to verification, manage end-to-end customer acquisition in one platform

Lead capture and distribution

Lead is captured through APIs or through website/landing pages etc. It is then automatically passed on to your tele-sales team based on pre-set logic, who will then call and qualify the lead. Once the lead is qualified an appointment date and time is scheduled.

eKYC verification solution application distribution
eKYC appointment setting

Appointment scheduling and task creation

Once a lead has been qualified, it is then passed onto the agency or the organisation’s field team. This lead can be auto assigned to the right field representative based on area code, number of tasks etc. The rep can see his pending tasks as they are assigned to him.

Field rep visit and uberisation of lead assignment

The field rep receives the lead on his mobile app with all the details and proceeds to visit the lead. This process can be ‘uberised’ by assigning lead to the field rep who is closest at the same time enabling same day visit and verification. This brings down time for KYC verification and enhances the overall customer experience

Uberization of lead assignment eKYC solution
Onboard customers faster with eKYC verification solution

Biometric eKYC verification

A customer OTP is generated at the point of verification which is then entered into the Leadsquared system. Once the OTP is confirmed, fingerprint biometrics are captured. The data is sent to your bank of choice for validation. Once the data is validated the bank will return the result as “verified” or ”not verified”.

Update lead status and seamlessly connect with various teams

Once the KYC verification is done, the rep can update the status on his mobile app, which then reflects back in the Leadsquared system. Once the lead is verified it can be automatically assigned to the next team for next steps.

biometric ekyc verification status update
biometric ekyc solution field agent tracking

Track field force

As a manager you can track all field force activities and ensure productivity. Your field rep too can track all his current pending tasks on his mobile app. With the day planner and ‘nearby leads’ feature, he can optimise his time on the field.

Get complete reports for your eKYC verification teams & processes

Get in-depth insights into your funnel, team performance and more

biometric ekyc solution smart views for sales agents

eKYC Agent Dashboard

biometric ekyc solution sales funnel

Funnel Team

biometric ekyc solution team Performance


Anuj Sachdev x

"Our field agents are 55% more efficient than before"

LeadSquared helps us manage our lending partnerships with banks & NBFCs, and our internal processes across the lending lifecycle (sales, credit, verification & operations) to disburse loans 30% faster than before. Our DSAs are 55% more efficient than before, and all their work is trackable.

Anuj Sachdev
VP – Product

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