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Directory is a powerful tool that enables you to Trace and Verify individuals online, using intelligent algorithms and daily updated data that gives you access to the perfect tool that is quick and easy to use.
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Directory can be used in your business for tracing and right party contact with real-time responses
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Search using address details, names, email addresses to verify ID numbers, and asset ownership
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Mitigate your risk of getting caught up in fraudulent transactions by upfront verification.

The Best Tracing & Verification Tool in the Industry

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Web Based

DIrectory is a web based tool that can be used in your business for tracing and right party contact and with real-time responses across all datasets it is the perfect tool for Risk Verification.
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Flexible Search Parameters

Ability to search on various data components including contact details, address details, name, email addresses etc.
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Verify Data Linkages

Verify the links between ID numbers such as shared telephone numbers, addresses, asset ownership etc.
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Draw usage reports that can be used as credible evidence and investigation reports. You can also print and download deceased and debt review letters from Directory.

The Details…..

  • To access Directory you will be referred to Eugene from CPB who will assist you with your application process.
  • No assistance or responses will be provided unless the correct communication channels are followed as set out on this website.
  • It will cost you R1000 per user per month ex vat for unlimited searches.
  • This pricing is not negotiable so please do not send requests for amendment of the details provided here.
  • Under no circumstances are shared log in details allowed.
  • You will be disconnected instantly if the above occurs.
  • Your agreement with be with CPB directly and our team have no responsibility to assist you with support. We are only providing an introductory service to you.
  • I am only providing you with this option as we have received numerous requests to help find our clients an alternative to MYCE Trace.

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