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Customer Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Customer Self-Service Portals that are tightly integrated with your LeadSquared CRM to keep Sales, Marketing and Service Teams connected.


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What is a Customer Self-Service Portal?

Customer Self-Service Portals are secure platforms that are designed to provide your customers, vendors, and partners with a single point of access to your company’s products, services, and information. It gives your customers a tool they need to solve their own problems, apply for new products, log service requests, share documents with you and access knowledge bases, to name a few use cases.

It also gives your customers the ability to view, edit and manage their profiles which helps companies keep in contact with their customers, and in a personalised manner.

As technology continues to evolve and our lives become more connected, customers have an increased desire for self-service and surveys have shown that 90% of customers expect companies to have a self-service portal on their website. This is because it makes them feel like they have 24/7 access to important information and can resolve issues in a timely, transparent manner, and as a result they are less likely to move their business elsewhere.

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Why use Customer Self-Service Portals for your business?

The use of Customer Self-Service Portals has developed rapidly over the last few years. Why? Your customers would prefer to access a Self-Service Portal to enter their own requests, track them, share documents with you instead of making a call to a customer support call centre.

Having a Customer Self-Service Portal enables your customers to interact directly with your Sales Processes, Service Processes and Marketing Processes. Every customer has their own login credentials, and because your Customer Self-Service Portal is seamlessly integrated with your LeadSquared CRM, you watch your customers become part of your company in real-time, all-the-time.

LeadSquared Self-Service Customer Portals have built-in authentication and security mechanisms in place, so you do not have to worry about any of that.

Why use LeadSquared self-serve portal for your business?


Paperless, Self-serve & Fast

Make the application processes paperless and complete with self-serve forms


Private & Secure

Password-protected login interface for your customers, prospects, and partners


Mobile Responsive Forms

Allow users (prospects, customers, partners) to access portal and forms on mobile


Increase Application Numbers

Self-serve application forms allow you to increase applications from all your sources


Live Application Tracking

Allow applicants to see their progress, pick-up any time & download applications as PDF


Chatbot + Payment Integration

Capture direct interactions with applicants, and reduce hassle with payment integration.

How do Self-Service Customer Portals add business value?

Besides the value of driving down service costs, a customer portal is also a key productivity tool and experience element.

LeadSquared Self-Service Customer Portals are setup in a few days, they are responsive, engaging, and run-on desktop and both mobile.

One of the biggest value-adds to a company is that is you use Self-Service Customer Portals as part of your Acquisition Channels, you open for business 24/7 and you will leave your competitors in the dust. A company without a Self-Service Portal, that makes a consumer wait for a call-back when office hours open, just get there to late and that means wasted costs and zero conversions. You are out of the game.

A Customer Portal is an online platform where your customers can apply for your products, services, find useful information, share relevant documentation with you, request assistance. It creates a transparent, secure platform that enables your customers to collaborate with you at a time that suits them, 24/7.

You will close deals faster than ever before because your customers can complete their applications and submit all supporting documentation and signatures to you with-out any human intervention.

Customer satisfaction scores improve with the introduction of self-service portals because customers no longer need to wait around for agents to contact them to resolve their queries. This means that customers can get much faster, more satisfactory resolutions to their problems in a matter of moments.

As soon as a customer portal is launched, customer service agents start to benefit from improved capacity, as portals take a weight off their workloads. Common issues can be quickly solved via the customer portal, without needing to involve an agent. Agents therefore have more time to focus on complex issues.

Improving Customer Experiences should be at the top of every company’s list of main priorities. Investing into good customer service tools, like Customer Portals, will improve profit and retention rates.

What kind of portals does LeadSquared support?

Self-serve application forms, customer profiles, referral management and more



  • Lending Portal
  • Borrower Profiles
  • Agent Referral Portal
  • Process Automation
  • Service Portal

Real Estate

  • Portal for Brokers
  • Referral Portal
  • Aggregator Portal
  • Agent Portal
  • Process Automation


  • Patient Portal
  • Doctor Portal
  • Role-based Access
  • Service Portal
  • Process Automation

Self-Service Forms to Move your Application Process online and sell 24/7

User-friendly, mobile-optimized application forms ensure a smooth experience for the borrowers. The application can be resumed anytime, thereby enhancing borrower experience and saving the agents’ time. Initiate call centre action in case of application drop-offs at crucial steps.

Secure Portal and Prospect Profiles

Give your prospects or customers their own portal to manage their profiles and their active, old, and new applications. For instance, a borrower can easily apply for loans, students can easily apply for admissions, manage their profiles, upload documents, check application status, receive verification and approval notifications.

Secure payment integrations

Integrate your payment modules into LeadSquared portal securely. Allow the completion of the complete application online including admission fees collection or payment for other kinds of applications.

Application completion ratios

Identify the application completion rates across your products, teams, regions, and more. You can even identify the pages or form fields where most drop-offs happen, allowing you to fix the form layouts for higher completion ratios.

Tight integration with your front-end sales operations

Sales, marketing, call centres, services and beyond – everything is completely connected


Track Inquiry Channels

Identify the most effective lead generation channels for new application inquiries.


Reduce Team Efforts

Initiate call center, sales, or support intervention only when needed via tracking.


Build Custom Dashboards

Customized, hierarchy-based dashboards for your teams to reduce efforts.


Automate Application Lifecycle

Connect all the teams and processes involved through the application lifecycle.


Automate Communication

Engage prospects, customers, or partners via automated multi-channel campaigns.


Get Complete Analytics

Track the effectiveness of your processes, teams, salespeople, products, and more.

Why you need a Customer Portal for your business?

Customer Portals help create open channels of communication, give your customers the option to choose how they communicate with your company all securely. This enables you to give every one of your customers personalised experiences.

What should your Portal Include?
A successful customer portal should have features that enable secure document management, payment options, self-service options as a base line.

What is the cost of creating a client portal?
If you decide to develop your own Customer Portal, your Customer Portal cost may vary between R32 000 to R800 000.

This does not include ensuring you have secure hosting, and all the relevant information security in place and this also does not include ensuring your Customer Portal is seamlessly integrated into your Customer Relationship Management Platform for seamless processes.

LeadSquared Self-Service Customer Portals are up in days and cost between R10 000 to R35 000 per month based on your custom requirements.

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Get in touch with us to discuss your Self-Service Customer Portal Requirement and we will show you how to achieve 360-degree visibility every day, all day and increase your acquisitions.

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