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You know that without more focused marketing you are up the creek without a paddle. But, if marketing is not really your thing, LeadSquared will help you manage your marketing effort all in one place, Email, SMS, Social media and any ad hoc activities you want to embark on.

LeadSquared not only helps you generate the content, it will also help you track, schedule and report on your activities so that you can hone and improve on the results every single time, until you are a marketing guru.


Generate relevant, personalised & target communications to draw the right leads

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Track all sales metrics and activities in real time

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A mobile app that becomes your remote assistant

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Sales Execution CRM

High Velocity Sales

Boost and accelerate your revenue
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Field Force Automation

Easy-to-Use Mobile CRM

Eyes on your sales team, even from miles away.
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Marketing Automation

End-to-end Marketing Automation Software

Make meaningful prospect conversations a standard across all channels.
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Conversion Platform

Lead Conversion Platform

Combines the power of marketing Automation, Sales CRM and Machine Learning
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