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Enrolment Application Management System

Convert applicants into enrollments, all year round

An All-In-One Admission and Marketing Suite

Accelerate Your Enrollments

Capture leads from all channels

Capture leads from websites, ads, directories, calls, email and social media with out-the-box connectors.

Automate your admission process

Don’t let a single inquiry slip through the cracks – with automated and personalised follow-ups and notifications.

Reduce response time to zero

Engage applicants with relevant and personalised messages until the admission team makes contact.

Understand applicants’ motivations

Understand applicants and their motivations by seeing how they interact with your website and landing pages.

Send enrollment alerts

Help your admission team identify the best time to make contact by sending them alerts on email or their phones.

Never miss a follow-up

As soon as admission officers log in to Leadsquared, they’ll see their complete schedule and tasks for the day.

Multi-channel contact

Reach applicants on their preferred channels – email, phone, social media, college portal or text messages.

Sync Email and Phone

Record and see all conversations on email, phone or chat in one clean linear view.

Create engaging and automated communication journeys for applicants

Build personalised workflows that automatically deliver important communicants to your applicants, triggered by their engagement on your website, emails, text messages and more.

Build beautiful landing pages and emails in minutes

Make use of easy-to-use, responsive drag-and-drop editors to create stunning emails and landing pages.

No HTML or design skills required. Start by choosing from dozens of templates and simply add your own information, or build your own sites and pages from scratch.

 Build highly efficient admission and marketing teams

Customise LeadSquared according to your current process, not the other way around

Automate repetitive tasks

Follow-ups, reminders and data imports all happen automatically, allowing your teams to focus on what really matters.

Ensure 100% task completion

Your meetings and tasks for the day are all synced on your phone and email based in the order of priority.

Respond to admissions on the go

Enable your admissions team to work during field events and while travelling with the mobile app.

No IT support required

Email and text message campaigns, landing pages, automations, tasks – everything can be setup by anyone.

Integrate with the apps you love

Out-the-box connectors for email, chat, telephony and student information systems. Open APIs available.

Robust analytics

Get the complete picture of your admission funnel, campaign performance, counselor efficiency & more.

“If you are not using LeadSquared, you are paying too much for marketing automation.”

“As someone who has used HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On and more, LeadSquared has all of the necessary functionalities at a fraction of the cost. We have a 10% reduction in bounce rate for emails now and our drip campaigns have resulted in 50% quicker movement of sales prospects through the funnel!”

Robert Evans

Marketing Manager, VIKTRE Career LLC

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