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Zapier unleashes the potential of your Bigcommerce in LeadSquared

Track and learn what your Bigcommerce customers want by leveraging LeadSquared intelligence

Capture user & order details

Sync your store management, marketing strategy and lead management to ensure you sell more. Do this by capturing the details of your new store subscribers and their orders.

Use triggered emails to sell more

Don’t allow cart abandonment to negatively affect sales. Instead, use it to your advantage by offering discounts or cross-sales to entice buyers to complete their purchase.

Know how your customers behave

What does each user do in your store? Which products and categories interest them most and which product descriptions convert best? Use this information to target them better.

Segment leads to sell more

You can’t sell the same product to a 20-year-old and 50-year-old. You also can’t sell beachwear to a Joburg resident in the middle of winter. Segment your leads into lists based on their age, preferences, geography and more. This is easy in LeadSquared.

Nurture your leads to sell more

Use LeadSquared to send promotional emails based on buying patterns, discount offers to abandoned cart users and cross-sell related products.

Know your customers

The better you know the buying behaviour and preferences of your customers, the better you will be able to predict their next buying decisions. Get data on the lifecycle of a customer, the best selling products, or total products purchased.

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Office:  010 595 3571

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