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Ameyo Call Centre Integration – Reduce Lead Leakage

Capture your inbound calls as leads and activities in LeadSquared

Ameyo integration

Integrate your call centre and CRM for a range of benefits

Ameyo integration

Everything in one system

Access all your lead profiles, details and history in one system, integrated.with your website, marketing system and more.

Ameyo integration

Capture 100% of phone call leads

No leads slip through the cracks. Inbound calls, missed calls and voice mails can be captured as leads in LeadSquared.

Ameyo integration

Record your calls

Record all conversations across your company and track them as activities within LeadSquared.

Ameyo integration

Know your leads

See existing lead details automatically when leads call. New callers can also be automatically added as new leads.

Ameyo integration

Effortless lead distribution

Distribute leads that enter your call centre, automatically, based on product, geography and other criteria you define.

Ameyo integration

Create tasks and reminders

Set up tasks and reminders to be triggered as new leads are created or activities are performed by your leads or by your team.

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