What is the big deal about landing pages 

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Many businesses put in a lot of effort creating ad campaigns to that they can reach new audiences or engaging with existing customers. Landing Pages make it easy for you to deliver the right message to the right audience so that you can get the biggest possible return on your time and money. That being said a lot of businesses make the fatal mistake of sending traffic to their home page and hoping for the best conversions.

That is a fatal mistake. It costs money and a lot of effort to win web traffic so why would you send traffic to a page that is not focused and optimised to generate conversions. When you send traffic to your home page, you are basically sending your traffic to a page that gives them a ton of different options and in most cases, simply results in your web traffic being distracted with everything else on your website and zippo conversions for you.When you create a campaign, your objective is for a lead or a customer to take a focused action so using Landing pages enables you to convert your traffic into qualified leads and or happy customers.

If your web traffic is coming from paid Facebook Lead Ads, Social Media Posts, Blogs, Email etc, when people ‘land’ on your landing page, they should be given relevant and educational information to convince them to take you up on your offer and move into your lead funnel.

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