Why Customer Self-Service Portals are so important?

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Businesses are starting to recognize the benefits of customer self-service portals and over the last few months we have implemented a number of really exciting customer self-service portals across multiple industries like Education, Finance, Real Estate and Healthcare.
Why are businesses going this route?

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They need to stay ahead of the game and customers are now more than ever demanding an improved experience when dealing with brands.

LeadSquared Self-Service Customer Portals enable businesses to give their customers instant access to information, allow personalization, and save time and resource capacity.

The benefits of Self-Service Customer Portals are far reaching.

  • Accelerate Application Cycles
  • Help you manage your application drop-offs
  • Reduce Customer Service Costs
  • Improve Agent Productivity
  • Teach your Customers new skills
  • Introduce Customers to upsell offers.
  • Gives your Customers a personal experience

There are so many use cases for Customer Self-Service Portals. See more here: https://leadsquared.co.za/customer-portal/

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