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Globally, the most successful enterprise businesses are those who have focused on becoming customer-centric. CRM’s are used to help businesses keep their customers happy, and retain them to protect revenue.

However, old school CRM’s do not address Lead Management and most of them do not have any automation or intelligence built into them, and as a result they don’t offer businesses any real benefit, beyond a place to store disparate customer records.
It is therefore important that you give your customer management team the right tools to do their jobs to the best of their abilities – with LeadSquared leading the way.

LeadSquared is a complete Sales Execution CRM & Marketing Automation SaaS platform that helps you eliminate lead leakage, automate your lead capture, lead management, sales management, marketing campaigns and analytics, all in one end-to-end platform.

Today it is imperative that you are able to align your Sales & Marketing Teams.

Marketing Teams are under constant pressure to do more with less and never seem to have enough resources, so it is no wonder marketers have embraced marketing automation to help them execute their marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation has helped them increase lead generations, increase lead to sale conversions and ultimately generate more revenue. They are left with more time to apply themselves to more strategic outputs because automation has enabled them to eliminate all the tedious, mundane and repetitive tasks that used to take up 80% of their day.
Businesses who implement Marketing Automation can boost sales productivity by at least 14,5% and reduce marketing overheads by at least 12%.

Some of the most common use cases for Marketing Automation has been;

  1. Create fully automated Welcome Customer Journeys
  2. Creating powerful Customer Retention Journeys
  3. Create and deliver multi-channel Campaigns
  4. Get real-time analytics
  5. Understand what content works in real-time
  6. Understand which Lead Sources are the most profitable
  7. Deliver personalised customer experiences
  8. Reduce cart abandonment rates
  9. Boost revenue through intelligent upsells

Businesses who are in the B2C space that do not use Marketing Automation are choosing to keep one hand tied behind their back. Customers are looking for unique experiences that are tailored for their individual needs. LeadSquared’ s powerful data management and collection process give marketers the insights they need to build and deploy campaigns that work.

Implementing LeadSquared
While LeadSquared is an obvious choice for businesses who want to improve their customer management processes, you may be uncertain about the process of integrating the platform into your own business.

The LeadSquared team have extensive experience in helping South African businesses transition to LeadSquared market-leading CRM software – including those in the Financial services, Education, Telecoms, Insurance, Automotive, Media and Travel industries.

The LeadSquared Team also helps these business answer key questions about their CRM goals:

  • How do we manage our customers better?
  • How do we support our customers better?
  • How do we further retain revenue from our customers?
  • How do we learn about our customers and then create personalised journeys for them?

LeadSquared employs over 400 skilled resources spread across our offices in 5 locations – South Africa, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Dubai and New Jersey, USA. Some salient aspects about the organization are provided below:

  • 1000+ customers across the globe distributed across domain and geographies
  • Customers in Financial Services, Real Estate, Education, Travel, IT, Software and more
  • Featured in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 India for 5th time 2016, 2017, 2018,2019
  • #1 Marketing Automation Provider in India by NASSCOM
  • Top provider of Marketing Automation Software by G2Crowd
  • Top provider of Lead Management Software by Crozdesk 2020
  • Top provider of Marketing Automation Software by Crozdesk 2020

LeadSquared is a global leader when it comes to Sales and Marketing Automation and since 2013, we have helped many valued clients grow their sales by automating activities and tasks that take away sales productive time from sales teams using automation. When we start working with clients, their sales teams report that they only spend around 30% of their time selling while the rest of their time is spent on data entry, quote generation, manual bookkeeping tasks and around 70% of our client’s sales teams never hit their sales targets.

It does not have to be that way. The right tools can give time back to your team, make their roles fulfilling, increase their sales productivity so they can close more deals and grow your business.

LeadSquared streamlines and automates, everything. A human resource needs to guide processes, but LeadSquared absorbs a lot of the hours and effort that a human would otherwise have to handle themselves. Rather than increasing your salespeople, LeadSquared presents an opportunity to boost efficiency and helps salespeople excel.

McKinsey published in 2016 already that 40% of sales activities could be automated using software like LeadSquared and in some cases as much as 85% for specific roles. The conclusive research has shown that when using Sales and Marketing Automation software like LeadSquared you can expect an increase in sales productivity of up to 14.5% virtually immediately. Your Sales Teams simply have more time to be productive when engagement is accelerated using LeadSquared.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are a very familiar service in the world of Sales but if you can’t activate and accelerate your engagements with your prospects, they will never convert into paying customers so using Sales Automation, your CRM will be kept updated with activities, tasks, customer data which populate in real-time and will give you a unified view of all your data at any time.

LeadSquared enables you to take every single contact through a personalised customer journey 24/7. 67% of Marketing Leaders currently use some form of Marketing Automation because it works. LeadSquared align your Sales and Marketing teams and using LeadSquareds powerful workflow automation, you can provide your team with business intelligence at a customer level so they can see what messaging and content your customers have engaged with so they can spend time making real, authentic connections with your prospects and customers.
As you already know, email is a powerful and effective way to connect sales prospects but only when used effectively. In fact, research has found that if your sales team can follow up to an inquiry within one hour the chances of closing that sale increase by 7x. To respond this quickly, your sales team do not have time to write custom emails or cut-and-paste messages. Rather, leverage email templates that automatically populate the most important part of the email and add merge tags to personalise your emails.

Additionally, email marketing can be setup to send customized emails based on targeted prospects behaviour, interactions or past purchases. Messages can recommend when it’s time to upgrade or share a new feature that may specifically help their business. These automatic personalisation’s help craft authentic relationships at scale.

LeadSquared will enable you to create unique landing pages for each industry you service and share those links with the right prospects. If your prospects see that your sales team understand their unique needs, they more likely to use your products or services.

LeadSquared will bring to the surface all potential buying signals. Whenever someone looks at your online proposal or presentation, it is a potential buying signal. When this happens it’s time to move the prospect to the next phase of buying and LeadSquared will move these prospects further down your funnel. Prospects want and need different messaging at different phases of the customer journey and LeadSquareds automation capability can sequence marketing messages to match where the buyers are in the process and help move them to the next phase. For example, automatic email sequences can be setup when a customer becomes aware of your product.

Taking care of your current customers is crucial. Repeat sales and renewals grow your revenue base while reducing your customer acquisition costs. Sales Automation can track contract lengths and work either with sales team or independently to create renewal offers. These offers can be customized depending on the customers prior history.

One of the most time-consuming tasks for your sales teams is nailing down a time and date with prospects. It seems easy, but the back-and-forth can often drag out for days. Automation can connect your calendars and allow prospects to schedule immediately. These kinds of seamless in automations can create better experiences and save hours.

Using Sales Automation means you can increase the consistency of your marketing materials. Once customers are identified, the automation can surface industry-specific information, pain points and solutions. By creating this information in advance, and with the entire team, the content will be uniform and well thought out. This will prevent rogue or incorrect information from being provided by different team members.

In short, Sales Automation can make a dramatic difference to your bottom line. By using smart automations, you can improve your team’s efficiency, cutting down manual tasks and allowing them to spend more one-on-one time with high value prospects.
LeadSquared is ISO and HIPAA compliant. To see more about our security protocols, click here: https://leadsquared.co.za/leadsquared-security/

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