What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say….

What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say....

We all know that the Automotive Industry has suffered severely as a result of the COVID-19 lock down.

I took some time to speak to 15 Dealer Principals over the last two weeks to just find out what is top of mind for them at the moment. The feedback was pretty much the same in every discussion.

We have cancelled our subscriptions with some of the online lead aggregators we use because of the poor quality of leads we are getting. It is a waste of time dealing with junk leads

Dealer Principal 


We have data, we have lots of data, but it is not being segmented properly and its definitely not being used to help dealerships increase sales, cross-sales or service revenue

Dealer Principal 


We want to use our data intelligently to grow our Service Revenue. None of our systems enable us to do this

Dealer Principal 


We have so many systems, but none of them talk to each other. We cannot change because all these decisions are made at head office, so basically, we just have to continue capturing lead information into 2 or 3 different systems. It’s so inefficient

Dealer Principal 

Cape Town

We have a Lead Management System, We have a CRM, we have a financial system but I have to rely on my team to capture the lead information in all three systems and I know that it does not get done and so we will never have one view of our prospects or customers

Dealer Principal 


We have lots of systems and we have Lead Management Systems that we get from Head Office, but our systems do not pre-qualify our leads. I need to put my Salesperson in front of ready to buy leads. There has been a drastic reduction in the quality of our leads

Dealer Principal 


The way buying decisions are made have changed significantly and we have seen a number of car dealerships making the investment into supporting this new digital way of car buying.

We are seeing that this movement is coming from the used car segment and from non-aligned dealerships (not the big brands).

Consumers who are in the market to buy a car can now do alot of their research online. Well some of it at least there are still big gaps in this space. The good news is that these gaps can be filled by putting in a little more work upfront. This work includes understanding your target market, buyer personas, how they shop, what questions they ask, what they buy and then using Sales Automation to stop your sales team from having to perform repetitive, mundane tasks and to remove the waiting time between the customers enquiry and when your Sales People actually respond.

There is an opportunity for dealerships who want to remove all the frustrations from the buying experience and accelerate their car sales pipeline using Sales Automation.

Deploying Sales Automation software means you can keep in contact with every prospect from the first engagement with your brand and continue having meaningful connections with them after they buy a car from you.

In my discussions I raised the following with the Dealer Principles. “I have had my car since 2012 and not once, have I ever received a call, email or SMS prompting me to book a service. How many more of your vehicle buyers have not been prompted to come back for a service at your dealership? This is something that is in your control to fix, so would you agree, it’s time to stop leaving money on the table?”

After my discussions with the Dealer Principles I digested the information and just thought about it for a bit and thought about how we could help.

The first thing that stood out for me is that sheer volume of really valuable data attributes that are recorded at various stages of the customer engagement.

That being said, if you have rich data but you are not using it intelligently, then so what.

The Question is what are you going to do with it?

You should be intelligently segmenting this data in real-time so that you can focus on getting alerted of buying signals so you can close deals.

Not every consumer is the same, so use your data to personalise their experience with your brand.

Enable your customers to buy cars at their pace, not the pace at which your sales team responds to them. Think about your customers experience.

  • Mr Smith is lying on his couch at 21h00 on a Saturday night.
  • He has seen pictures of the new VW T-Roc.
  • He googles “vw t roc south Africa”
  • Here are his search results
What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say....

Search Result #1

  • This is a great landing page. It looks great but Mr Smith is not going to capture his details in the T-Roc Pre-Order form because he has not yet at the point to Pre-Order.
  • By filling in this form Mr Smith feels like he is making a commitment because the call to action says he will be Pre-Ordering the T-Rock.
  • Mr Smith leaves the website. 
What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say....

Search Result #2

  • Chantelle leaves this website immediately because he is presented with a Volkswagen Amarok and a Volkswagen Caddy.
  • This is not what she is looking for.
  • This website missed the opportunity to get Chantelle’s attention.
What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say....

Search Result #3

  • This is a great landing page.
  • Mr Smith can Build and Price his dream T-Roc without any commitment.
  • This website missed the opportunity to get Mr Smith to give his email address upfront.
  • The hook to build and price as strong enough to get his email address.
  • Doing this would mean that the website owner would be able to track Mr Smith’s activity and every single page he engaged with so that they could then present to him future information that is relevant to Mr Smith at 21h00 on the Saturday night.
  • For example, the website owner could have sent a PDF document with all the final specifications Mr Smith chose for him to keep on record with dates of when this new model would be available.
  • This email could be followed up with another emailer that gave him access to a video that gave him a walk-through of the T-Roc without leaving his home.
  • If Mr Smith opened this email and clicked on the video link, a buyer signal alert could be sent to the VW Sales Team in the location that Mr Smith is in to call and get him onto the Pre-Order list.
  • This could all be done without any human intervention.
What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say....

All of this is possible with Sales and Marketing Automation software. Without Sales and Marketing Automation software, your dealership will struggle to keep us with those dealerships who are deploying this new generation Customer Relationship Management Solution.
Sales and Marketing Automation helps align Sales Teams & Marketing Teams. Its time to get rid of the clutter and serve your customers the content they want when they ask for it. Be transparent and be accessible on time, all the time and give great advice.
Take a look at this emailer example.

It looks great but its just super busy. It is clear that I received the email because I requested a valuation from the company on 24th of May 2017. This is a great data point, but it could have been used more effectively with intelligent segmentation.

What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say....

To put it into perspective, there are some really strong offerings on this emailer but I am not really interested in getting a link to 16 000 used cars and especially one that has cars priced from R149 900 to R1615 744.

What Local Vehicle Dealer Principals had to say....

I have been in this database since the 24th of May 2017.
That is a lot of time to get to know me and share relevant communication with me. 

Remove the clutter and make your call to actions clear and easy to understand. Like I said, there are great offerings on this emailer but its just way to much information in one presentation.

If you need help solving any of these challenges, complete the form below and we will reach out to you. There is really not much that LeadSquared can’t solve for your Dealership.

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