How AWS enables enterprise-SaaS company LeadSquared scale its marketing and sales automation platform without disruptions

Ethical Data Harvesting

LeadSquared is a marketing automation and sales execution platform that helps businesses increase their closures, manage their pipelines, and attribute their ROI accurately and completely – to people, marketing activities, leads sources, products, and locations. LeadSquared’s solutions are used by new-age business and traditional enterprises with high-volume sales, that are focused on digital transformation.

LeadSquared captures lead data automatically across all channels. For marketing success, engagement with lead and customers is automated, timely, relevant, and measurable in real-time. Its intelligent web tracking of every lead is crucial for businesses that market and sell online.

LeadSquared aligns Sales and Marketing and enables a common view of a lead and activity history in one place and using intelligent lead scoring, sales are accelerated because sales-ready leads are distributed to sales users.

All these powerful features mean that LeadSquared have provided a cross-functional solution that is used as the primary front-end system by sales-centric teams, marketing teams, call centre teams and inside sales.

While all of this happens in LeadSquared, another key challenge for businesses is data management. Customers want all their data organised in a sane, clean, and logically segmented manner. So that LeadSquared have strong data management tools that make it easy to add leads across all channels, maintain data integrity with strong deduplication tools, constant data enrichment that is enriched with tracking of prospect activity and communication across all channels all of which is supported by automated data segmentation and rich reporting that summarises all data into stories that help LeadSquared customers to make data driven decisions in real-time.

LeadSquared has a strong focus on correct leads source attribution. Marketing automation and Sales require multiple touch points and it is rarely as simple as a prospect coming through one channel, engaging, and then converting. There is also the complexity of the same lead being generated through different channels or through different channels. Therefore, having proper lead source attribution and allowing the automation customers to define their own lead source attribution models is important. LeadSquared can track every single interaction that a prospect or customer has with the business and can identify the entry and conversion channels as well.

Using AWS, LeadSquared have been able to build its solutions on AWS from the ground up in 2012. The LeadSquared SaaS platform runs on AWS and we use EC2, RDS, Elasticsearch, SQS, S3, CloudFront, API Gateway, Lambda and Elasticache. Using AWS means we are able to auto-scale all the important services based on user load.

Aurora MySQL has been one of the most powerful innovations that has benefited LeadSquared. A few years ago, LeadSquared also built a developer platform which took less than three months to build the entire platform on top of API Gateway, Lambda and DynamoDB. Today, this platform is used by hundreds of developers and allows over 50 million executions a month.

Building on AWS, means that LeadSquared never has to worry about infrastructure and IT and can focus 100 percent on the software and features for its customers and users.

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