I have been travelling around the country since 2013 educating our clients on POPI and how to get ready for POPI. POPI will be here on the 1st of July as seen in the media.


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SA’s privacy law kicks in this July – which means 373 days until your business gets fined

  • The Protection of Personal Information (Popi) Act gets expanded on 1 July, and all business will need to be compliant.
  • Businesses have a little over one year – 373 days and counting – to get their data privacy affairs in order, or face fines of up to R10 million.

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LeadSquared should be a plan you consider……


Inbound Marketing is going to be the new way of generating leads for your business and that is why we have brought LeadSquared to South Africa.


  • Email Marketing is still one of the primary channels of marketing for most businesses.
  • Businesses around the world have utilized email marketing. Broadcasting an email to a potential client or consumer that could help in closing the sale is considered as email marketing. Generally, email marketing involves sending advertisements, newsletters, solicit sales, request donations, and request businesses via emails.
  • Automated email marketing is a big opportunity for companies to explore. Gmail revealed that 68.4% of the incoming emails are classified as promotions (as of February 2017). These figures emphasize the penetration of email marketing.
  • LeadSquared gives you the ability to segment all your prospects using its powerful dynamic list builder so that you can send more relevant emails to convert the leads into sales.

With the promulgation of POPI coming soon, this is a great hook that companies can use to engage consumers and grow their subscriber bases at the most affordable cost.

If you want to schedule a 15 minute discovery call to assess how LeadSquared can help you or how we can help you prepare your databases for the future, please just reply to my email and we will get in touch with you.


PS –  LeadSquared is a leading international sales & marketing software solution carefully crafted to meet the needs of the South African business and it is even charged in South African Rands, so LeadSquared will not cost you eleventy-seventy billion and trillion Rands.