Rebecca, Dean

Regardless of what Rebecca’s day looks like, 90% of the time she’s thinking about how to deliver on the targets she’s committed to.

Her perfect day? Spending the morning delivering good news to her staff and students and the afternoon delivering even better news to board members. 

Thanks to LeadSquared, she can maximise the number of students she enrolls, speed up admissions and attract the best students to her university.

How Rebecca attracts the best students

By using one system to build beautiful, high-converting landing pages and send personalised emails to new leads, it’s easy for her team to find and engage the students they really want.

How this Dean enrolls more top students using just 3 simple automations

Here’s how it’s done

Rebecca knows that the students she wants are all different, so she had her team create a handful of different landing pages. They then designed an automation that automatically sends candidates a personalised email, informs her admissions team of a new lead and even suggests the most appropriate way to follow-up with the candidate based on their preferred communication channel.

The result? Any top candidate could find a web page catering specifically to them and receive unique, personalised emails and attention from Rebecca’s admissions team.

How Rebecca speeds up her admissions

Now that Rebecca is targeting top candidates, she needs her verification process to be as smooth and quick as possible. 

Using just two automations, she can reduce her entire verification process to just one manual exercise.

How this Dean enrolls more top students using just 3 simple automations

Here’s how it’s done

Rebecca’s team created an automation that automatically forwards every application and it’s supporting documents to the verification team, and another that continually follows up with each applicant until every required document is received.

The result? The process from inquiry to complete verified application now only requires one manual step.

How Rebecca enrolls more students

Now that Rebecca is attracting and onboarding top candidate’s with ease, she needs to maximises her university’s number of enrolments.

She achieves this by engaging every prospective student who expresses an interest in her university with relevant and compelling information. Her team now never misses an opportunity to enroll new students.  

How this Dean enrolls more top students using just 3 simple automations

Here’s how it’s done

Rebecca realised that she could vastly increase the number of inquiries that turn into enrolments by creating an automation that responds to every person who expresses interest in a course, sends them everything they need to apply and follows up with them a few days later.

The result? A 100% response rate, complete with personalised emails and follow-ups, and less lead leakage. 

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