What you can discover by reading this article:

  1. How to transform your website into a machine that does one thing: generate high-quality leads.
  2. How to make sure that every lead that enters your system converts into a client.

In a business where a single strong lead can mean the difference between a good month and a terrible month, successful campaigns and a complete waste of money, enough commission to justify your late nights or a reality you simply cannot afford, you need confidence that you’re generating and converting the leads you need to be.

Success! The only 2 strategies dealerships need for leads
Success! The only 2 strategies dealerships need for leads

Not all lead generation strategies are the same. You need campaigns that work and that reliably deliver the results you and your car dealership need month after month.

Here’s the only 2 strategies you need to make that a reality

#1 Turn your website into a high-quality lead generation machine

Success! The only 2 strategies dealerships need for leads

If you’re not getting the number of leads you want, your website isn’t doing it’s job. Make sure your site is serving you by investing some time into three of the most effective lead generation techniques used by digital marketers today.

Publish useful and educational content – ideally, videos

If anyone on your floor has a phone produced in the last 5 years, you can record videos.  

Popular videos for prospective buyers include videos of test-drives, features and walk-throughs showing off the interior and exterior of specific models.

The point, whether you’re using video, blogs, infographics or memes, is to provide content on your website that people are looking for, that they’re interested in and that helps you get and keep people on your website.

Focus on broad informational topics (How to reduce fuel consumption) that your clients are interested in, then get into specific as you see what works (Why the Kia Soul remains so popular year after year).

Most importantly, get creative and try stand out. For example, you could take a page out of the SPCA’s book. Pick a car that’s been on the floor for a while, come up with a personality for it and market it as “needing a home”. 

Make it as easy as possible for people to take the actions you want them to

Now that you’ve got people on your site, what do you want them to do?

Are you looking for more people to book test drives online? More inquiries about specific cars gathering dust on your floor? Leads so hot that you need to pull them out your cars to sign the paperwork?

Once you know what you want, you’ll know what your website is supposed to do.

If you want more test drives, you can have a banner running across the top of your site that advertises them.

If you want more inquiries for specific models, you could highlight videos of these models on your front page.

If you want a ton of foot traffic through your dealership, make sure your in-store specials appear in giant lettering throughout your entire site.

Once you know your goals, you must make sure that your form collection and email confirmation is as smooth as possible. Make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the actions you want them to take.

Drive traffic with email campaigns

Your new website content is performing really well! You’re noticing a lot of new traffic to your site and the effort you’ve put into making it as easy as possible for visitors to submit inquiries on each page is generating results.

Apart from a few issues (not everyone finishes filling out your form, and not everyone who fills it out gets followed up with), everything’s going well! Plus, now you’re confident that your website works the way it should.

Now it’s time to ramp up your traffic and start generating some real leads.

Email marketing remains the most effective marketing tool out there. Look deep into your email list of clients and prospects and learn everything you can about them.

Once you feel you’ve learnt enough, start speaking directly to them.  A good story that takes into account who your email recipients are and what they want is a more powerful lead generation tool than you think, and with practice you will only become better at it. 

#2 Practice proactive lead nurturing

Success! The only 2 strategies dealerships need for leads

Why would you spend time making it as easy as possible for your website visitors to take the actions you want them to take? Because you want to convert as many potential customers as possible!

That’s the reason you should be nudging and guiding your prospects from the moment they enter your environment.

Nurture the relationship before the sale

Imagine someone lands on your website. They followed your email about the “3 easy ways of improving fuel consumption” and read your blog about accelerating and braking steadily, coasting when possible and avoiding idling while parked.

15 minutes after reaching the bottom of the blog, seeing your banner about the 2012 Kia Soul’s fantastic handling and exceptional fuel consumption and clicking on the “find out more” button, they receive an email detailing all the benefits of buying a Soul and the process for setting up a test-drive at your dealership. How could they say no?

In the three days before the test drive, they receive 2 more emails from you. The first email confirms their booking and includes a video you recorded of the exact silver Kia Soul they will be test-driving, showing off the interior, exterior and a bit of the handling you bragged about earlier. The second email lets them know the different payment options available to them if they enjoy the test-drive.

Your lead now arrives for their test-drive, excited to see the actual car featured in the video they received two days ago. They take the car onto the road, thinking about the great handling they read about in your banner and saw in your video. They’re in love, and thanks to your last email they know exactly how they could best afford it.  

 That’s the kind of experience that will convert the interested buyers who land on your site.

Re-engage past customers with targeted promotions

So here you are: great content on a highly-effective lead generating website, with ads and emails bringing in all the interested leads your sales team can handle.

Now, how do you generate more revenue without putting more pressure on your staff?

Take another look at your Facebook ads and emails. You’re bringing in new leads, but you’re not targeting the people you know the most about: you past clients.

Your past clients and your prospects are the same: eventually, everyone needs a new car. The only difference is that you already know quite a bit about your past clients: the car they own, how long ago they bought it and anything else you were smart enough to capture in your forms or emails. And the more you know, the better you can target.

You can create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities by running targeted promotions for customers who meet certain criteria. 

For example, BMW drivers who bought more than 5 years ago can be sent an email about the benefits of the latest BMW in your shop, linked to a blog comparing their exact model to your newer one that ends with a “Talk to our BMW Expert” button. 

When you’ve got enough content to cater to highly specific audiences, a website to support your lead generation goals and really effective targeted ads and re-engagment campaigns, your worries about not generating enough leads will evaporate in the face of a new and unexpected problem: how do I manage all of these leads? 

If you received 1000 inquiries, what would you do with them?

Success! The only 2 strategies dealerships need for leads

Lead generation can be a complex process filled with small details and moving parts. To better manage and track your leads and seize your best opportunities, consider LeadSquared.

LeadSquared provides an all-in-one solution to lead management, helping you collect and track leads from all your online and offline sources. With tools like lead scoring, lead qualification, and lead distribution, you always know who your hottest leads are and where they are in your sales funnel. You can also automate tasks like follow-ups and scheduling to continue growing the relationship at scale.



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