What you will discover by reading this article:

  1. A Facebook strategy that actually generates quality seller leads.
  2. How to have buyers find you online, including on Google Search.
  3. Old-school lead generation strategies that still work.

This is where it all starts: finding ways to generate new leads as an estate agent. It’s how you find the sellers who fill your stock and the interested buyers who are ultimately responsible for your commission. 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to market yourself and generate new leads anymore. You will have to put in some hard work before you can expect to receive any referrals, which depend on a good reputation, a network of strategic partners and delighted past clients who will recommend you to their friends and family.

While you build toward relying on referral business, remember the following:

  • Content is King! (more on that later).
  • Property buyers and sellers are going to buy from you, so remember, YOU are the Brand.
  • Don’t leave your success in anyone else’s hands except yours.

Here are 5 ways to generate new leads as an estate agent you can start using today.

#1 Use social media the right way

Bad news: You can’t reach even 1% of the millions of South African homeowners on Facebook. Sorry.

Fortunately, Facebook is still totally worth your time as a lead generation tool. Here’s how you should be using it.

Step 1: Find sellers by becoming community orientated

Go to community groups like “Linden community group” and answer all the questions people ask about garden services, good business lunch spots and more.

Be useful. Make connections. You will meet a ton of people organically and you can comb and nurture these relationships to generate new leads.

Step 2: Find buyers on Marketplace

There are better opportunities on social media than the “Houses for sale” groups. Have you heard of Facebook Marketplace? You can post your property listing and generate new leads delivered right into your Facebook inbox.

You can get onto Facebook Marketplace by clicking here.

Step 3: Make sure your personal profile is professional

After engaging buyers and sellers on social media, many of them will be visiting your personal page to find out more about you. Make sure they aren’t disappointed. This is the page that will convince your leads to reach out to you, so make sure it is complete and looks professional.

Don’t forget to highlight your contact information!

#2 Look out for expired listings

Listing mandates expire or are withdrawn every day. Think about how you can make contact with these homeowners at the right time to secure those mandates.

To generate new leads this way you’ll need to convince the homeowner that you’re better equipped to handle their listing than their last agent.

Agents who use this real estate lead generation technique admit they get hung up on a lot. Not every attempt will be a yes, but keep going! This can be a great source of new leads for you.

#3 Advertise using Google Search

Most property sellers and buyers do their first search for an Estate Agent or a new home online. And, like you and me, Google will probably be their first stop.

You should definitely consider having a paid listing there to ensure that buyers and sellers can find you. Most of our tips won’t cost you any money, but if you do have a marketing budget, this is definitely one of the best channels to which you can allocate it.

Find out how to do a paid listing here.

Ready to get started? Start advertising online.

#4 Create original content

If you aren’t regularly posting unique content to your social media pages, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with buyers and sellers in your local community.

Publishing original content – through Facebook, on blogs, as comments on community groups – directly increases your organic search rankings and helps you build a brand. It’s the best way to ensure that you – and your contact details – are available to the public online.

Write helpful blogs or social media posts, create videos, share a market analysis of your local area, answer community page questions – all of this can make you a go-to source for information and real estate services.

#5 Open houses

Yes, it’s one of the most old-school real estate lead generation techniques. But for a reason!

Show house days are popular among agents because the people who attend open houses usually don’t have an agent. They also make you highly visible in your area for most of the day.

This is a great opportunity to connect with prospective buyers and sellers driving through the area, either by having them stop at your open house or simply by making your face visible in the area in which you work.

Do you get the most out of the new leads you generate?

It’s easy to forget to send a follow-up email or forget where your lead is in the sales funnel. When you can prevent details from falling through the cracks, you have a much better chance of building stronger connections with your leads and capitalising on your best opportunities.

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