What you can discover by reading this article:
  1. How to deliver your target leads on your terms using a powerful content strategy.
  2. The content that produces the highest return on investment (that you should be producing).
  3. How to turn attention into a commission without spending a cent.

Insurance is one of South Africa’s most competitive industries, and finding quality leads is the lifeblood of a Financial Adviser’s career. Though it’s not easy to stand out in the insurance industry, it’s also not impossible.

Consider the following seven insurance lead generation hacks you can start using today to write more business:


7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

Publish On LinkedIn

7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

LinkedIn is arguably the best social network for Financial Advisors to find insurance leads, but it takes some work before you are using it to it’s full potential.

If you’re actively reading interesting articles or finding other kinds of meaningful content, simply post them to the platform for free.

Then, when you connect with potential leads, they’ll see the content you’ve shared and recognise you as someone who is actively looking at the industry. 

Better yet, write your own posts and articles and share them.

This is both a way to find leads (by sharing the best of what you find and having this reach people organically) and a way to convert more of your leads by appearing as an authority when people click through to your profile.

Share something to LinkedIn today.

Create Unique Content

7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

Producing blog posts, infographics, webinars, ebooks, white papers and guides can help you build a powerful content strategy to reach new audiences while catering to your existing clients.

The best content solves a problem or answers a question. When it comes to insurance, there’s plenty of both to go around. Your audience will have questions about insurance and may be facing problems with their current provider, and you may be able to help guide them toward a better solution – and service provider.

Shift To Video Marketing

7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

More than half of all marketing professionals say video has the highest ROI of any type of content. More than a third of all internet activity is spent watching videos. People want to watch videos, and they tend to remember more information in video form than they do in ads. 

Turn your helpful blog posts and guides into short, easy-to-digest videos. Use Facebook Live and LinkedIn to share announcements, tips or insights with your audience.

Get Found In Google Search Results

7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

When most people are shopping for insurance, they use search engines to find out more information before reaching out to an agent. To give yourself the best chance of being found in their search results, you should focus on growing your organic online presence and ranking well in Google searches.

In this sense, organic means “natural.” Rather than paying for ads, Google’s users (41% of the South African population) find your pages within their search results.

Optimising your website for search engines and creating unique content can help you rank higher in search results, giving you the best chance of being in the right place when people in your area are searching online for insurance policies or answers to their insurance questions.

Buy Targeted Databases

7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

Dracore is a preferred Deeds Database supplier to major Insurers in South Africa.

This database contains every single property that is currently owned by a consumer in South Africa.

Every single homeowner needs to have Bond Protection/Life cover in place. Reach out to clinton@dracore.biz to secure your database today and share your content with a targeted database.

    Respond to questions on Quora

    7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

    Quora is an online user-driven platform where people can ask and respond to questions. If you want to build your professional image, drive website traffic and share your unique content without coming across as salesy or paying a cent, answering questions on Quora checks all the boxes.

    When you respond to users’ questions, you step out of the role of salesperson and into the role of an expert. This is your chance to flex your knowledge and prove you’re a valuable resource in your industry, who has the resources and mastery to help others.

    It’s an easy, straightforward way to build trust with your audience. All it costs you is time.

    Host a local seminar

    7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

    An effective way to present yourself as a local authority on insurance is to host an educational workshop or seminar. Many Financial Advisors will provide workshops for free and offer valuable information that will benefit attendees, regardless of whether they purchase insurance from you.

    The goal here isn’t to get one-off policies, but rather build deeper value and connections with your local market. Sales become a natural by-product when you first focus on the quality and integrity of the relationship.

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      7 business-building strategies for insurance professionals

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